How to find deleted users folder on mac

If you are interested in trying to do data recovery, stop using the computer immediately. Shut it down and use some other computer to research your options this superuser question is a good place to start. The more you use the computer, the more of the old files will be unrecoverable because the space they were stored in is continuously getting reused for new files, and once it's reused, whatever was there before is gone.

How to Restore a Deleted Account on a Mac

I don't know what the folders you found in your trash are, but I'm pretty sure they're nothing to do with the deleted account. Sorry, but unless you have a backup, I think you're not going to be able to get much of anything.

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How can I recover user data? What program can help me? Sorry for my English. There used to be a dmg formed of the user folder if it was a safe delete. Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 of 5 total.

How to recover files from a deleted Mac user account?

March 28, at 1: Thanks for any assistance. March 28, at 5: March 28, at 6: OK, got some investigation details. First, questions: There are 3 methods of deleting a user account: March 28, at 9: Step 2: Rename the folder to the correct name.

Navigate once again to the Users folder and leave that window open. Authenticate if necessary.

Where to find the Deleted Users folder? - Apple Community

Now open the GTO folder authenticate with your Admin password if you have to and then open the Desktop folder inside of that. There, you should find the documents that belong to this account. With that verified, you can now create a new user account by heading to System Preferences and then to Users and Groups as mentioned before.