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Snow Leopard is already being forced into obsolescence by an increasing number of software titles whose minimum requirement is Meanwhile, I'm running configuration management client and server software that only recently became Lion-compatible. The useful band of hardware and system configurations is steadily narrowing, timewise, and forcing users into an increasingly frequent cycle of hardware and software "upgrades".

How to View and Access the “Library” Folder in OS X

All of this probably seems like business as usual to many Windows users. I know some Windows folks who long ago accepted the fact that they would buy new hardware every two to three years, but it's still a bit of a culture shock for me. In the past, I've expected to get five to six solid years of use out of a Mac. The Macs themselves still easily last that long, but the software changes so rapidly that the machines are forced into obsolescence sooner now. Couple that with the deterioration of user-friendliness for which the Mac used to be famous for example, try searching for an invisible file with the Finder these days; and the entire user Library folder is invisible as of Thanks for the tip, Paul, but I've found other solutions that solve the problem.

My point was that it's baffling to me that Apple has moved in the direction of making the system less accessible to users with the tools included in the system itself. It's incomprehensible to me that Mac users unless they want to use command line in the Console. That is not consistent with what the system used to be.

In an effort to find out why, I submitted it to Apple as a support case last year. Naturally, the support tech couldn't answer the question, so the case ended up getting escalated. After several days of yeoman effort on the part of the person who handled the case, she was forced to admit that it doesn't make much sense, but "that's just the way it is now".

Free tools

I already knew that. If no one at Apple can provide a rational explanation for making the system less accessible and more opaque to the user, then it does make me wonder whether the folks at Apple are losing their way. On my second MBPr and as soon as I did updates same issue. Since moving to Whatever the case, I have two accounts set up — one for in the office and one for out of it — and I can still toggle between them without drama.

Updating to This is happening randomly with different external monitors and projectors. My rMBP works fine when it is not plugged into the external monitor. Here is a thread where you can read about the problems people are having. This is a widespread problem, but to complicate things, it is not happening universally. You plug your Retina display into an external monitor?

Seriously, I can see you'd need to run a projector for a preso. I guess the solution to this one is along the lines of "Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do that. Someone just posted a solution to the external monitor problem on the following thread. You have delete plist files in your root directory library and your user directory library.

Go to the thread for specific directions. I was wondering when others started seeing what I saw when I purchase a Power-PC with lots of goodies and it ran about 3 years and then no more software? I spent almost 4K to get a good Unix box and now it sits virtually idle because nobody supports it. If they keep on this road then PC's will come back with Linux type OS's since as one person pointed out, you can't find anything with the finder, just like Windows explorer. I'm waiting for some word about when the next major hardware jump will be made….

How to enable Web Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion

There are numerous bugs with Then the first part of Nov. After much playing around, turning it on and off it worked again. I've spent all morning or 5 hours researching this. I found that Time machine isn't even compatible with ML and lots of people are having problems with it, no fixes in site, because some one doesn't admit there's a problem!

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  4. It all just came to my attention with the latest update to What are we to do? You are commenting using your WordPress.

    How To Find Library Folder On Mac OS X - Mac Tutorial

    You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users. Intel R Mac 64 systems and compatible operating system: Mac OS X GCC Compiler for iapple-darwin10 Version 4. GCC Compiler for applications running on iapple-darwin10 Version 4.

    CLMIDGL Installer's Note

    GCC Compiler for applications running on iapple-darwin11 Version 4. The NAG C Library, Mark 23, was compiled with the highest level of optimization that enabled the functionality provided by the library to be verified and validated. The library has also been tested with the Apple Computer's vecLib versions 3.

    Making the Folder Visible in OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Later

    File Sizes The files require approximately the following disk space: Library software: Installation 4. As the installer, you may wish to choose a different location. See Users' Note, Example Programs. Subsequent to the installation, if the installer moves the library to some other location then these scripts must be changed to reflect that fact.

    For example you may wish to install the Library Manual in the same location as that for other NAG products.