Wd my passport ultra mac review

AskBH BandH. If there is a different shipping address please include that as well. Please send your email request to: Sales BandH. I you care about you data dont waste your money and time to back up on WD passport or any other Hard from this company, They have the worst externals qualities, Mine just stop working after a year and I cant even get any back up form it. Western digital is the worst.

I have all the backups set up for AutoChange I cannot find them on my drive. Not all WD drives come with the same software.


Western Digital My Passport (2016, 4TB)

Please send an e-mail to askbh bhphotovideo. This hard drive is super great. It works perfect for me and I use it with my hp laptop. If you have any problems its probably your computer not of good condition I suppose. It has met all of my expectations for a portable hardrive. I have 2 of these I use almost all the time, one of them, especially for video editing.

The video looks fine. I capture from Adobe Premier Pro cs6 directly into the Pasport. No problems so far, and the backup software that comes with the drive seems to work good too. I'm not sure if I've used the software to restore anything yet, but it seems to backup ok. Hard to beat for the size and price. By, the way, I do use a USB-3 port on my laptop to capture with.

Performance Testing & Conclusion - WD My Passport Ultra HDD Review

Marc Trainor. I had a portable hard drive 2T WD passport 3. My Laptop is Dell Inspiron 2. When I connected the portable to the laptop didn't read anything. Sorry to hear about this. As it so happens I had a similiar situation. The first thing I tried was connecting it to another computer and the drive came right up. The issue I had on my machine was the USB extension cable I was using which odly other drives were working with.

After 6 months mine got stopped working detect as unknown device in USB 2. I have the 2t and it quit on me after about 2 months. What a waste of money and effort. I lost tons of files. Piece of junk! Stay far away from this Western Digital. When connecting to disk by USB 3.

The New WD My Passport: Unboxing, First Impressions, Benchmarks, & More in 4K

Please give the solution. The new WD My Passport Ultra replaces the previous generation after roughly one year but now comes with extra software, more color choices and includes a new 3TB capacity. The My Passport Ultra is available in four capacities: All of the capacities of the My Passport Ultra are currently available for purchase except the 3TB version, which is delayed until later in June of this year.

Western Digital realized than many of its customers own multiple My Passport drives and store different things on different drives. We took a closer look at the new 2TB drive in the wild berry color with the optional slate color Grip Pack. In terms of the exterior design, the only obvious change with the new Ultra is that the top color plate has changed from a satin finish with a pattern of dots to a single color with a glossy finish.

The optional Grip Pack is a nice addition not only because of the added impact protection from the band around the edges of the drive, but it comes with a matching flat cable which is less likely to become frayed over time from being constantly jammed into your backpack, purse, or briefcase. Measuring 0.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra Drive

It's bulkier and a lot more expensive, but it's also built to withstand drops, dust, and water. The 4TB My Passport weighs 8. Western Digital also offers a version for Mac users, though you could reformat this drive if you wanted to use it on an Apple machine.

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The drive comes with a USB 3. You can use the WD Backup software to customize how often the drive automatically backs up files from your computer, while the security software enables bit AES password encryption. You can also add a "return if found" message in the password prompt in the event you ever lose the drive. That's about the extent of the features, however. These days, some portable drives sometimes come with cloud storage, which is an added bonus in that you don't actually have to carry around your hard drive to access your files.

WD My Passport Ultra USB-C Edition

Lastly, Western Digital offers a two-year warranty. Performance and Cost The 4TB My Passport performed admirably on our benchmark tests, scoring 1, points on the PCMark 7 hard drive test that measures performance across a range of general-usage categories. It also outperformed the 1TB version of the same drive, which received a score of 1, The drive took 12 seconds over USB 3.

That's a good result for a USB 3. Typically speaking, you'll get a greater value per gigabyte with higher capacity drives, and unless you have a massive volume of data, they'll last you longer, too. Conclusion The 4TB Western Digital My Passport offers oodles of storage, good performance, password encryption, and a splash of color for an overall good value.

But aside from a flashier design, it doesn't exactly outdo the Seagate Backup Plus, which for slightly less money, delivers superior performance and comes with GB of cloud storage for two years.