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Hieu Cong. It is one of the largest projects that have ever been constructed at Dung Quat Economic Zone. To achieve the above quantity, along with the mobilization and collection of large numbers of equipment and machines and around workers are working at site per day. Along with the large number of machinery, thousand workers are working at site per day. The duration of construction and completion and taking over into the first operation is estimated 24 months From the time of land hand-over to the time for construction license issuance ; the second period shall be implemented after the first period is completed in 18 months and taking over in 24 months.

The reporter of Dan Viet Reporter takes some photos at the construction site as below: BIM — The important solution for the construction sector to approach the industrial revolution 4.

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However, BIM is not only the design model but also contain lots of information about the construction work so that people can share with the related parties. For example, from the design phase, the information of projects shall be saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the execution sections. The information in the construction process shall be updated continually and saved in BIM and shall be transferred to the operation units so that the operation units shall operate the work effectively.

It means that the employer, consultants, contractors, authorities can operate together in the exploration of the saved large data of BIM In Vietnam, According to Mr. Daniel Green said the application of BIM is becoming more popular in the world. Many countries have applied BIM in different grades to increase the efficiency, quality and competitiveness in the construction sector. Tran Hong Mai said that the application of BIM in Vietnam has been mainly carried out in some projects of foreign elements such as invested by foreign countries, or hire foreign project management consultant, and foreign designers.

Up to now, many domestic agencies and organizations, including investors, consultants, and construction contractors have paid their attention, consideration and implementation to BIM thanks to its recognized benefits. Based on the summary of some projects, the application of BIM has helped investors reduce the progress and minimize the costs by the optimization and pre-solving difficulties in the design and construction phase, control strictly the implemented volume Mai said However, Mr.

Mai also said that, the ratio of BIM application in Vietnam is still low, and spontaneous and unadvised. At the seminar, managers, specialist, and domestic and foreign enterprises shared experience lessons relating to the application of BIM. According to the Prime Minister's Decision No. To carry out this task, the Ministry of Construction has set up the Steering Committee for the implementation of the Scheme and released the specific plan.

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Accordingly, during the period of - , the scheme focuses on raising awareness and encouraging agencies, organizations and enterprises to apply BIM; building the legal corridor and system of technical standards, standards, technical and the relating economic norms to apply BIM; to develop the guidelines on BIM; develop the training modules on BIM knowledge and improve the capacity for the specialized agencies. In the period from to , according to the scheme, BIM application shall be implemented in the design, construction and management of some new construction works; experimental applying BIM in management operation of some important works; the evaluation of BIM application.

From , The Ministry of Construction shall issue the specific circulars and guidance so that BIM shall be applied largely in the work construction and operation. Tran Hong Mai said: According the experience of the previous countries, there are many difficulties and challenges in the initial application of new technologies such as BIM in the construction due to the adjustment of the production process of the consultant, the preparation of resources for updating new tools, collaborative processes of project stakeholders that require the high activeness and responsibility.

Therefore, this seminar focused on the solutions to implement BIM in a feasible manner to the consulting enterprises, construction enterprises, especially in the management of construction investment projects comforting to the features of Vietnam. The workshop also mentioned the human resource training solutions that meet the requirements of applying BIM according to the procedures; Measures used to maximize the opportunities and potential to apply BIM effectively, gradually integrate into the world. Autodesk will help Vietnam in two aspects. The first is to help the Government, the state management agencies to learn the best international practices in the world as well as to help the government and management agencies to access the documents on the implementation of BIM of the countries in the world therefor the Government, state agencies shall issues the decisions relating to BIM.

Secondly, Autodesk have also ever worked and operated with Vietnamese enterprises in some works, Autodesk shall present his roles in the projects applied BIM in the coming time. Wrote by Tam Vu-Hanh Tran. The megawatt solar power plant will belocated in Tay Ninh, southwestern Vietnam. Commercial operations aredue to startby June next year. Grimm, which started out in the Thai pharmaceutical business in, is now a diversifiedcorporation with interests in energy, building and industrial systems, health care, lifestyle, transport and real estate.

The joint venture recently finalized a deal with a contractor to perform engineering, procurement and construction services for the project, she said. Talks are underway with several local and international financial institutionsfor project funding, she added. For B. Grimm Power, a reliable local partner shouldhelp the investment run smoothly. It hopes the Vietnamese solar power venture will contribute significantly to the group's revenue and earnings growth, as Vietnam's power demand rises rapidly as the economy grows.


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The venture is also expected to contribute to B. Grimm's revenues from overseas power projects. Grimm Power has also set a goal to have a total of 53 power projects with total power generating capacity of 2, megawattsin To achieve this, the company needs another 2,MW from new projects in neighboring countries such as Laos and Vietnam, as well as at home. Shares of B. Grimm Power closedat Nikkei Asian Review. Administration news. The announcement ceremony of the appointment decision on the post of Chief Technical Management Department Officer.

On January 10th, , the key personnel meeting and the announcement ceremony of officer appointment decision was held at headquarter of Song Da 5 Joint Stock Company. Nguyen Van Cuong, born in , professional qualification: At the announcement ceremony, on behalf of The company management board, Mr. Tran Huu Hung —Secretary of Party Committee, General Director sent his congratulations and expressed his belief on the capability of the newly appointed officer and expected Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong to keep promoting his capability actively and creatively to complete the assigned tasks well.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Simultaneously, Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong promised to study continually, improve his professional qualification and management capability and make all the best effort to fulfill the appointed duties. Nguyen Van Cuong. Financial report for the 6 months of Resolution of organization plan approval for Shareholder annual general meeting Notice for attendance of Shareholder annual general meeting Development cooperation.

We always acknowledge that your cooperation has made a significant contribution to our success Contact us. Recruitment of staff for Internal Economy Department. I really appreciate your helpful and motivating leadership.

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You are an excellent leader with a generous heart. May you have a long and successful career. Dear Father, thanks for being there for me and supporting me all my life. You are the only one who has believed in me every step of the way. Happy Birthday!!! I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

A birthday is just the first day of another day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. Happy Birthday. Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday to you!!! Since the communist government was founded in , it has always dealt harshly with its critics. During the civil war against the U. The Constitution categorically affirms the supreme leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam over both the state and the people. All basic rights including freedom of speech, opinion, press, assembly, and association are restricted. Independent unions are prohibited.

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Religious organizations must register with the government and operate under strict bureaucratic supervision. Socio-political groups disliked by the government can be easily shut down. The authorities use various means to curb political activism, including physical and psychological harassment, police surveillance, extra-judicial house arrest, and the application of pressure on employers, landlords, and family members of activists.

Police often subject rights campaigners to lengthy, bullying interrogation sessions. The authorities frequently detain rights advocates for long periods without access to legal counsel or family visits. The government also takes advantage of vaguely worded provisions in its penal codes to imprison peaceful political and religious dissidents.

Bogus charges of tax evasion are also commonly used against political dissidents. As of the time of writing there were approximately known political prisoners in Vietnam. During , at least 21 critics and activists were convicted for carrying out peaceful acts of free expression. Sentences ranged from three to 13 years in prison. The accompanying photographs attest to the gravity of the assaults. With the exception of the case of Father Dang Huu Nam, there is no evidence in any of the cases that investigations were undertaken by the police, let alone that perpetrators were punished.

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Rights activist Huynh Thanh Phat, 18, and Tran Hoang Phuc, 23, were waiting at a bus stop in Ba Don Quang Binh province when a group of men in civilian clothes wearing surgical masks attacked them. The men used shirts to cover the faces of Huynh Thanh Phat and Tran Hoang Phuc, pushed them into a small van, and drove them away.

During the ride, the men continuously beat Phat and Phuc. Phat recalled:. This was not the first time Huynh Thanh Phat had been beaten. On May 10, , he was detained by the police of Ward 1, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, and interrogated without legal counsel or any family representative present.

Phat was 17 at the time. He was questioned about his alleged involvement in pro-environment protests on May 1 and May 8. On his way home, two men wearing surgical masks and in civilian clothing stopped Phat and attacked him. Huynh Thanh Phat has also previously been detained by the police and assaulted on two other occasions. The first time was in January when he tried to attend a public commemoration of the naval battle between South Vietnam and China over the Paracel Islands in The accusation was published widely in state media.

Upon arrival, a group of seven or eight young men in civilian clothing dragged them into a van. According to Nguyen Trung Ton: Nguyen Trung Ton is a Protestant pastor and a blogger whose writing focuses on the lack of religious freedom in Vietnam and other rights issues. He has written about local land confiscation and corruption that has driven many peasants into landlessness.

He has complained about the government wasting tax money on what he considered to be frivolous festivals instead of building infrastructure, schools or helping the poor. In addition, Nguyen Trung Ton has written about police harassment and assaults against him and his family. In June , his teenage son Nguyen Trung Trong Nghia was beaten on his way to school by five anonymous men after his father exposed police abuses. He was sentenced to two years in prison. After completing his prison term in January , he served two additional years on probation that restricted his movement to his residential commune.

He currently serves as the representative for the Brotherhood for Democracy Hoi Anh em Dan chu , a pro-democracy group whose founding member Nguyen Van Dai was arrested in December A group of four men in civilian clothing blocked their way and started beating her. She said:. Nguyen Thi Thai Lai suffered swollen lips, a severely bruised face, and a bruised arm.

Giới xuất bản Việt - Hàn giao lưu tại Hội sách bản quyền Hàn Quốc

She reported the assault to the police headquarters of Van Thanh ward but no arrests were made. Nguyen Thi Thai Lai participated in protests against the Taiwanese steel company Formosa for causing an environmental disaster in April In November , she was questioned by the police regarding her connection with blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who was arrested a month earlier for her blogging activities.

They then covered his head with a jacket, dragged him to a car, and took him to the police headquarters of Tan My ward, district 7, Ho Chi Minh City, where they detained him for several hours. While taking a taxi home, a group of men on motorbikes surrounded the taxi and forced it to stop. They dragged Nguyen Ho Nhat Thanh out of the taxi and beat him. Nguyen Ho Nhat Thanh is a pro-democracy activist who has participated in protests against China and held informal classes to teach young people about civil society, human rights, and citizen rights.

His wife, Trinh Kim Tien, is also a rights activist who has campaigned against police violence. Her father was killed by the police in due to a traffic violation. On December 23, , Nguyen Van Dung also known as Dung Aduku was driving a motorbike in Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province when six men on three motorbikes approached him and knocked his motorbike over. They tore his jacket off, covered his head and helmet and dragged him into a van.

The men later abandoned Nguyen Van Dung in a small pond with his wool shirt still covering his head. He has participated in anti-China protests and went to near the courts during the trials of fellow activists to show solidarity. When he was taking a taxi with human rights lawyer Ha Huy Son to Hanoi, traffic police stopped the taxi and forced them out. According to Ha Huy Son:. Truong Minh Huong became a land rights activist in after his family land was confiscated by the local government for a tourist project.

He and his family have faced many examples of intimidation, harassment, and physical assault. In December , three men in civilian clothing stopped him on the street, beat and injured him. Nguyen Cong Huan told a reporter:. Nguyen Cong Huan is a human rights activist who protested against the Taiwanese steel company Formosa for causing an environmental disaster in April He has also voiced support for pro-democracy fellow activists and political prisoners.

Dinh Hong Quyen is a human rights activist who protested against the Taiwanese steel company Formosa for causing an environmental disaster in April He suffered injuries to his nose. A retired teacher, To Oanh became a pro-democracy blogger and participant in anti-China and pro-environment protests. On the morning of July 13, , blogger To Oanh and his wife Hoang Thi Nhu Hoa were driving a motorbike when a man in civilian clothing followed them home. This was not the first time To Oanh has been attacked.

On April 24, , he was driving a motorbike to visit villagers of Xuan Quan commune in Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, when an unknown man crashed a motorbike into him and then drove away. To Oanh was injured on his right elbow and knee. La Viet Dung had also been attacked two months earlier. On May 7, , men threw rocks and broke the front window of his car in an attempt to intimidate him and dissuade him from participating in a pro-environment protest the next day.

Members of the No-U Football Club, established in October as an informal soccer club, meet weekly to play soccer, discuss politics, support human rights activists, and participate in social activities, including anti-China and pro-environment protests. A group of men in civilian clothing stopped the couple and assaulted Do Duc Hop. This was not the first time Do Duc Hop was attacked.

That morning agents in civilian clothing blocked his house to prevent him from joining a pro-environment protest during which a number of protesters were detained. In the afternoon, Do Duc Hop went to the police station of Ben Nghe ward to show solidarity with detained fellow activists. Upon seeing a protester taken away in a car outside the police station, he took a couple of photos.

About six or seven men in civilian clothing rushed to beat him and dragged him into the police station.

'Người nghệ sĩ phải bám sát, dám đi vào những mũi nhọn của cuộc sống' - Tin tức xuất bản -

They punched and kicked me, on my face and my body; they bent my wrists and hit me directly on my lips. I tried to cover my face but they bent my hands so they could punch me. Do Duc Hop was released later the same evening. He suffered many bruises. Mai Thi Dung is a Hoa Hao Buddhist activist who has joined many protests against the repression of religious groups that are not approved by the government. During the crackdown on independent Hoa Hao Buddhist groups in , the government convicted her of disrupting public order under article of the penal code and sentenced her to five years in prison.

In April , under international and domestic pressure, she was released. Her husband Vo Van Buu was also arrested in and sentenced to seven years in prison. He completed his prison term in August Both husband and wife are under constant police surveillance. A little while later, a large group of police in uniform, security agents in civilian clothing, and members of the civilian defense force arrived and escorted Nguyen Van Thanh to the police station of My An ward, Da Nang, where he was detained for a couple of hours.

Instead, the police interrogated him about the contents of his political writing. This was not the first time Nguyen Van Thanh has been attacked. On August 4, , he was driving his motorbike in Khue My ward, Da Nang, when five unknown men attacked him. The attackers grabbed his collar and punched and kicked him repeatedly.

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Nguyen Van Thanh is a chemical engineer who has lived in Da Nang since In , he began to blog critical commentaries on social and political issues. Nguyen Van Thanh suffers constant harassment and intimidation, including household registration checks at nights, intimidation of his family members in order to convince him to stop his activism, and even pressure on his landlord to evict him.

He has been assaulted four other times, on December 10, 12, and 18, , and on February 16,