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You will need at least a basic level of comfort using the command line using either the MacOSX built-in terminal, iTerm2, Zsh, or something similar. By the time we are finished, you will:. It runs on nearly any operating system including Linux, Unix, and Windows. It is high performance and highly scalable, capable of handling huge amounts of data and high-load internet applications with thousands of concurrent users. Its unique combination of simplicity and power makes it a popular choice for individual users and small businesses, but enterprise businesses like Yahoo, Uber, Disqus, and TripAdvisor as well.

Postgres supports a long list of database features, including several enterprise features.

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Aside from standard relational database features, some of the most notable features in Postgres are:. Read more about PostgreSQL. There are two main ways to get Postgres onto your machine:. You can pick whichever option is right for you. The rest of this command the curl command is a tool to make web requests from your command line. This one downloads the script at the given URL, and then the Ruby interpreter executes it.

You should see output similar to the following:. Installing Homebrew. It also takes care of knowing which are the latest versions, where to get them, and how to unpack them. Most importantly are the easy-to-miss instructions at the very end of the install:.

Starting Services. Execute the following command:.

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Postgres Installed. Postgres works pretty hard to make itself usable right out of the box without you having to do anything. By default, it automatically creates the user postgres. You may need to use sudo psql postgres for this command to work, depending on how your system is configured. We can now enter a command to see what users are installed:. On my machine, it returns the following:. We see the Postgres user I mentioned, but what is that other user, engineerapart? This is one of the things Postgres does to make your life easier when you first install it.

On most Linux-based operating systems, the username that is used by default by all processes is the one you are logged in as. So when Postgres is installed, it automatically creates a database user that matches your username, so that you can get started right away.

Getting Started with PostgreSQL on Mac OSX

Instead, it directly manages what it calls roles. While it is certainly convenient that Postgres sets up a set of default users for you, it is a very bad idea to use them for anything except local development, because they are very widely known and more importantly, they are super user accounts—they can do anything, including delete databases.

This is not safe for a production database—we need users with limited permissions. So how do we create and use new users roles? Where username is the user you want to create, and the password goes at the end in quotes. We will get to the options later. This is how Postgres securely manages defaults. This user can read any database, table, or row it has permissions for, but nothing else—it cannot create or manage databases and has no admin powers.

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This is a good thing! It helps keep your database secure. Postgres ships with a number of very useful command line utilities that make the above process much easier. Instead of logging into psql, executing SQL queries, and needing to know the details of the query statements, you can use a familiar command line interface to do the same tasks. A few of these tools are:. Full list of client applications. This creates the user patrick with all of the default attributes, again, without the ability to create databases.

If we wanted the ability to create a database, you would execute the following instead:. To change users after they are created, you must use psql. Documentation for createuser. Now our new user is set up and can create databases. Once this is done, you need to add at least one user who has permission to access the database aside from the super users, who can access everything. To create a user, enter this command and replace yourusername with your username from the error message previous: To summarize from the previous two comments this is all you need to do: You say Connect with psql.

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