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Every month Altiverb 7 users receive new impulse responses for free. The Impulse response sampled spaces library uses Altiverb's picture browser. Often used controls all line up on the front, while the more exotic ones are in drawers beneath.

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Keyword searching is designed to makes it easier to find the right space among the hundreds that Altiverb includes. It can optionally add brightness and chaotic modulation while preserving the nature of convolution reverb, according to the company. The Impulse response library can be kept up to date from within the plug-in. Altiverb 7 is backwards compatible: The upgrade is free for all altiverbs purchased in or later. Log in Become a member.

Audio Ease Altiverb 7. Product presentation. I must have been looking at Altiverb 7 at that time also. Makes sense. I like Altiverb, but I believe the consensus is most IR based reverb plugs sound nearly identical if you use the same IRs. Altiverb does have a very high quality library. Sanderxpander Makes sense.

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Can't find a small-medium drum room sound I like. Forum Host. Both Altiverb and Waves use proprietary formats for their IR files so the files cannot be shared with other products. They do both load open third party IRs though.

Mixing Vocals! Reverb - Altiverb 7

I think their proprietary format is just copy protection, basically. I've never done much with third party IRs but supposedly there are some really good ones out there.

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Maybe Scook "the Answer Machine" tm can make a good suggestion? Probably not.

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I do occasionally use MMultiBandConvolution. It comes with a very small set of IRs which I have augmented with collections from the net. Never purchased a commercial set though. Many IR download sites have come and gone. This page points to a few good free sets http: At my friends place he uses Cubase and has Altverb. I have played around with it. An IR collection is readily available like as above true stereo high res IRs is what you want.. If you figure out how to use Perfect Space it is nearly as good without the cost involved.

It is just Perfect Space requires some learning.

Audioease Altiverb 7 XL Overview

It has plenty of control if you go deep. Altiverb works great and is a beautiful sounding reverb.

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  8. It is. I wish Audioease was serious about Windows support, or failing that, that they wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for their older Altiverb 6 so that I could take the lack of support a little easier. I've been looking into Liquidsonics Reverberate. It's a lot cheaper and is "true stereo".

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    Reverberate Core is even cheaper and still "true stereo". They have a demo. It needs some aggressive fiddling with jBridge if you have that , as far as I've read. Just to underscore my point about support. It doesn't seem to come with any.

    Audio Ease Altiverb 7 for Mac

    Not as a criticism of the product, but if you're looking to replace Altiverb, one of its strongest points is the library perhaps even more than the actual plugin. Reverberate comes with mb of IRs and Core has 64mb. I don't have any idea how good they are. There are several online for free. Here is a Reverberate comparison chart. It's just a lower cost alternative. Oh cool, thanks, I totally missed that! Altiverb works fine and needs no fiddling.

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    I have 32 bit Altiverb6 and works fine.