Microsoft remote desktop connection for mac instructions

If the App Store is not on your dock, you can access it in the Finder under Applications or by using the spotlight search tool.

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Click Get next to the correct result, then Install app. Enter the appropriate credentials Apple ID. After the app has installed you can find it using the Finder under Applications. Usage Important note: Click the plus sign to create a new connection; name it something memorable.

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Enter the name of the Windows desktop or server you wish to connect to, e. If you want to print, the easiest way is to click on the "Session" icon and check the box next to "Forward printing devices".

Connecting Using Remote Desktop (Mac to Windows)

Click here for download and instructions. Steps should be executed on your campus computer. Steps should be executed on your off-campus computer. Skip to main content. You are here Tutorials. This setup requires two pieces of software to be installed on the off-campus computer: For example, you could call it "John's work computer," or "Jennifer's PC. Next, you'll need to input the PC name the one you wrote down from earlier , or the IP address so your Mac knows where to find your PC.

The next line down allows you to configure a Gateway, which would let you connect to virtual desktops or session-based desktops that are on your company's network. Check with your network administrator to see if there is a gateway you are to use. Credentials is where you will type in the domain, username, and password for the target PC so you can log in through the remote connection.

Resolution, colors, and full screen mode are all personal preferences for how you want the remote desktop to launch on your machine.

Connecting Using Remote Desktop (Mac to Windows) | Life Sciences Computing Group (LSCG)

If you're not sure, start with the standard settings and go from there. If you want to configure peripheral devices for your remote desktop, you can find options for that under the middle tab, "Session.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

The first choice is a drop-down menu for sound. You can disable sound, have it play on the remote PC, or have it play on your Mac. If you want to connect to an administrator session on a Windows server, click the box next to "Connect to admin session. The next option to "Forward printing devices" will make your local printers available during your remote desktop session. The last tab at the top of the window is "Redirection. When you are finished configuring your remote desktop, click the red close button at the top left of the dialog box and your new remote desktop will be added.

Get the Remote Desktop client

To start a session with that desktop, simply double-click it to begin. If you don't think Microsoft Remote Desktop is the option for you, here are some other options available at Download.

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