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Click on the corresponding image in the left hand pane, and then click the radioctive burn button. One last note You only really need the 5GB compressed version. You can delete that too if you want, after you've burnt it, to save space. You need X11 to run Darwine. This comes with the developer tools on the OSX install disk. But apparently it is installed by default on Leopard. I hope you enjoyed my guide. I'm just glad i could give something back to the community, that has taught me so much. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, Apr 10, Messages: Rotary , May 29, Feb 4, Messages: Teleported to the guides section.

Jun 25, Messages: It seems to me that there's an unnecessary step in this guide, but maybe I'm wrong. Why the extra step? I don't see any benefit in first converting it to a. Jun 28, Messages: I am a new mac user and I have followed your instructions but still I can't open the dvdshrink. I have leopard since I bought my mac two weeks ago. What should I do? Sep 3, Messages: Hey Im using leopard and have followed all your instructions but I still cant get dvdshrink to install. I believe it my be the darwin program.

I tried using Darwine 0. But it ran an error. I managed to find Darwine 0. But now when I run winehelper I receive this error: Font metrics: To enable Wine to use TrueType fonts please install a version of FreeType greater than or equal to 2. HTML rendering will be disabled.

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Wine cannot find the FreeType font library. I installed FreeType 2. Sep 22, Messages: Hi Thanks for the free info. I am also having a similar problem. I can not open Darwin, there for i can not open shrink. I could only download one version of Darwin.

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Please help! Sep 30, Messages: Rich Ream's instructions are the best. If you follow them carefully and read about things as you go, you will learn things you need to check before you go launching in. Thanks to Rich's very excellent and detailed instructions and screen shots, I had success. Sure, it took me lots of patience and about 4 hours of concentration, but I had no blow ups, nothing had to be done again, my system didn't crash, nothing weird occurred.

It threw me when the Darwine was a Windows products Patience and learning. I'm new to video and I'm new to Mac. Thanks for making this a great triumph. Off to bed, it's 2: Must work for a living. CKNewMac , Sep 30, I hit a snag on the DVDShrink solution. Did I miss something in the compression?

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Surely the size of the compressed file was considered in relation to the medium onto which it is stored! I mean, sure, I could store my backup videos on a backup drive with tarabytes of storage space, but that's not the point of my backup. If I want to insert the disk into a game player or a DVD machine, it needs to be the most compatibile method. All that to say, is there something I should have done to take it down smaller? Addressing issues in order. Any problems that you are having on powerpc, are most likely caused by the inconsistencies between the intel and ppc versions of darwine.

Nothing i can do to help on that front, I'm afraid.

Well, DVDShrink should automatically shrink to a 4. Possibly yours was set to DVD-9 by default, and no compression was occuring? If this doesnt fix it, it would suggest a problem with DVDShrink, perhaps reinstall, and double check that the image you are trying to burn is the image from dvdshrink, and not the uncompressed one from DVD Imager by accident All I can think of. Rich Ream. Oct 21, Messages: I'm a new mac user and am trying to follow richream's steps. I was able to install all the apps except dvdshrink. When i tried opening the dvdshrink32setup.

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Does this mean this will not work on this os x version, or am i forgetting to do something? Oct 30, Messages: Last edited: Oct 30, Compatible with the latest Mac OS with the enhanced burn engine. Copies scratched or damaged DVD discs.

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Select one or more desired chapters from the original DVD movie to copy, omitting unwanted movie contents. Even if the IFO files can not be read, it enables you to copy the movie contents using "movie-only" or "movie customized" copy modes. Works with most DVD player hardware and software. Select to add the. Select to save or delete the temporary files when the copy is finished. Erases the rewritable DVD disc automatically before burning.

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  6. Set the DVD disc volume. Opens the log file with a short-cut key. Previews the main movie and extras with the built-in video player. Free software updates for a year. Free online technical support.