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Import Type is Geometry Cache, but it crashes on any import type. Mac UE 4.

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PC UE 4. C4D files: I've tried importing in our latest version and it's working fine, cannot tell you for sure if this was fixed in 4. Could you tell me what your setup is? Are you running 4.

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I also crash on 4. Sorry I had not seen the Mac tag, crashes on Mac have been addressed in 4.

VRAYforC4D instal on Cinema4D on MAC OS

Crash Report. Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 5.

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Answers to this question. Mac Editor: Can't rename folders in Content Browser. CrashReportClient on Mac does not Quit. Transform helper "explodes" when I have a point light locked to camera on Mac. It was such a life saver. I always thought it was strange that such a brilliant thing was tucked away in secret. If it were me I would have a recover scene file button on the interface. They are still there But a bit hidden.


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Like I said. This library is hidden so you first have to meke it visible. The easiest way is to go in findermenu to GO with Alt-down and open the Library. I would think it is very weird if you guys have a different file structure. I have just a default install. Its built in, hold left shift, right shift and delete.

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Though I dont know how well it will react if its mid-processing something heavy. Thanks odo. There it is! Just as you described.

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An invisible folder prefs folder revealed with theAlt key in the Go menu. I guess it demonstrates the phenomenon of menu blindness. And use Mac Data Recovery to recover deleted files.

Mistakenly delete files is very common case, and you don;t have to worry so much.