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The response from Rosen Tong is incorrect. This most certainly can be done in Word, but in order to change page layout specifications in a document you must use Section Breaks [preferably Section Break Next Page ].

Change page orientation to landscape or portrait

The specs for each Section can be set independently of the other Sections. Please see:. Skip to main content. Site Feedback.

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Tell us about your experience with our site. I have the same question Bob Jones AKA: CyberTaz Replied on January 17, This reply is totally inaccurate as I explained to the OP.

Page Layout in Word 2011 (Mac Version)

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Change part of a document to landscape

A " Page " page break marks where one page ends and the other begins. Choose this type of break if you would like your next line of text to appear on the next page, but do not want to start a new section. A " Column " page break marks where one column ends and another begins.

Choose this type of break if you would like the next line of text to appear at the top of the next column in your document, but don't want to start a new section. The purpose of a section break is to store information about the formatting of the preceding section, specifically the information relating to the headers, footers, page setup, and column settings. There are four options for a section break in Word A " Next Page " section break is similar to a "Page" page break in that it marks where one page ends and another page begins.

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However, since it is a section break, it also has controls formatting of the section above. A " Continuous " section break doesn't appear to change anything until the formatting of an entire section is changed.

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This is because the only thing that this type of break does is create a new section in the document. An " Even Page " section break only affects the following even pages of the document. This type of section break is useful when you want something to only show up on the even pages of your document i. An " Odd Page " section break works exactly like "Even Page" section breaks except that they affect the odd pages of a document rather than the even ones.