Mac os x lion vmware download

I dont have mac machine, but if i use this VMWare image in my PC will i be able to run Xcode and other programming environments?.

Download Lion OS X 10.7.3 VMware Image and Make it Work on Windows 7 Computer

WIll it harm my windows Mother board or some other hardware components? One of my friend tried to install Mac in windows, it could not work properly, later on his hardware got some problem… i m scared to use it on my laptop..

If anything goes wrong with the Mac OS, you can just delete and start over. Hi, everything goes fine, but when I try to run the machine, it just stops at the grey vmware screen without actually loading the os. Any ideas on why this happens? Hi, great job!!! Thanks for this awesome tutorial.

How can i upgrade to newer version of vmware tools. I run a core i5 processor on an intel sandybridge motherboard. Can you please help? Many thanks! Software virtualization is not required on this image.

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Here is the links: First, thank you for the great job. Know, the part1 of the virtual machine is not working. It always said not reconized format. Can you help me? However, when I say click on OK button , it says wrong password.

Install OS X in VMware Fusion

Without password , I am unable to install Adobe Flash Player. Please provide your inputs.

How To Install Mac OS X Lion On VMware

Many Thanks!! I am running mac so lion on windows 7 with VMware. I need to use this symbol so that I can use it in Xcode to signify OR in code. It should look like to vertical bars to mean OR.

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Mine says that the guest operating system is Any suggestions? I must rectify myself: Comments Hey Dinesh, First of all many many thanks to you. Thank you so much again. Hats off to you……… Hats off to you……… Hats off to you……… Cheers!!! However, there is a small problem….. Here you can find Hardware Virtualization bypasser for 8 series. Do you have hardware virtualisation enabled in the BIOS?

Click Open and it should now show up in the list. You can now select it and click Continue to start the installation. If everything looks good, go ahead and click Finish to start the virtual machine. Click Save and the virtual machine should start up after a few minutes.

Click Continue to start the installation.

How To Install OSX Lion as a virtual machine us |VMware Communities

Agree to the license agreement and then choose the hard drive you want to install OS X to. It should say Macintosh HD and be the size you setup for the virtual machine. Click Install and OS X will now be installed. Once the installation is complete, OS X should load up and you should be able to log into the desktop.

Kind of a long process, but pretty straight-forward. If you choose the Install from recovery partition option, the procedure is pretty much the same. First, it will load a screen where it will look for the recovery partition and if it finds it, it will bring up a dialog to save your virtual machine.

Give the virtual machine a name and location and click Save. Click Finish and the virtual machine window will load up. Next, the Apple logo will appear with the progress bar.

Install OS X Mountain Lion in VMware Virtual Machine

Click Continue. Accept the license agreement and then choose the hard disk you want to install OS X onto. At this point, OS X will be downloaded and it could take a while depending on your Internet connection. After it finishes, the virtual machine will restart and the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. It does take quite a bit of time to setup OS X in a virtual machine, but it works well.

After you are done and your virtual machine is loaded, you need to click on Virtual Machine and then Install VMware Tools. This will install the OS X virtual machine tools, which allows you to increase the resolution to HD and allows the virtual machine to run more smoothly.