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Relative file paths are notated by a lack of a leading forward slash. A relative file path is interpreted from the perspective your current working directory. If you use a relative file path from the wrong directory, then the path will refer to a different file than you intend, or it will refer to no file at all.

Python Mac Error: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory …

In a sense, whenever you use a relative file path, it is joined with your current directory to create an absolute file path. When you run a python program, its current working directory is initialized to whatever your current working directory was when you ran the program. It can be retrieved using the function os.

The following example usage of the command-line shell illustrates how Python's current working directory is set.

Jupyter Notebook Tutorial: Introduction, Setup, and Walkthrough

The os. These strings should be used relative to os.

Absolute and Relative file paths

Consider the following situation:. Reedy terry. Tcl is a separate language and tk is its graphical user interface. This is most likely the problem.

No such file or directory error?

Did you follow the advice at https: Make sure you read the whole page. Any error message?

How do I interact with files in python?

If that works, run 'python3. Does that display an error message? Ned Deily ned. They suggest a home directory ownership or permissions issue which you should investigate. If nothing else, you may see more informative error messages. I've installed ActiveTCL 8. Running from terminal: However, subsequently trying to run IDLE from terminal brought up: Sat Dec 30 If so, any idea what to try next?

Issue IDLE shell won't open on Mac OS - Python tracker

I'm logged on as an administrator on a home computer. Is this likely to be a security setting issue? What's the output of the following commands in a terminal window: Not sure how that happened, possibly by an inadvertent chown command. Note that you need to be careful when using shell commands because your user name has a space character in it, so you have to be sure to enclose it in quotes in the shell "Steve Margetts" and there may be third-party scripts that don't handle that case well; generally, it's best to avoid using spaces in the Unix login name.

Anyway, there are several ways to correct the problem but it looks like the easiest might be to use a procedure that Apple provides to reset permissions. It is described here: You might consider creating a new account without the embedded space and moving your files there; it will probably cause other problems for you in the future.

File Systems

You can test a fix by entering 'mkdir. In this respect, this is a duplicate of That this can happen after what seemed like a 'normal' install on a home machine? I'll try and sort out my profile slow time - it doesn't seem to be causing any other issues just now.

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