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Perfect for both small and enterprise video surveillance systems - up to cameras per server! Remember how you enjoyed playing with your construction set as a kid? How easy it was to combine simple elements making them grow gradually into something greater! Even easier than that, now you can realize your most complicated video surveillance goals thanks to unbelievable flexibility of this video surveillance software. Full freedom of choice based on visual modular architecture and user-friendly interface. No installation and no admin rights required. Intellectual motion detector with advanced anti-false-alarm logic, motion-triggered or scheduled alerts SMS, email, push notifications for Android, etc.

Just imagine all the situations you could use Xeoma in! Video surveillance for Pros: Intellectual modules and analytics — e. Available 4-hour-Trial and Free version without limitation in time of use, and Lite with reduced price! Everything great is simple and everything simple is great..

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Even though it may seem a bit unusual and complicated at first glance, it i s quite simple and logical, in fact. I like the various features it has and the way they are presented as "modules".

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Also the GUI is just awesome. Awesome So impressed with this software product that decided to spend some time and give a feedback.

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Guys, this is somethin g new! Great feature set, functional and the graphical is outstanding, check it out! All works as advertised. No products in the cart. Updated on November 29, by Olivia. Which to Choose Among the free IP camera software, third-party pay-to-use viewing software and the self-made ones, which would be your best options?

Free IP Camera Software Solutions For Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android - Reolink Blog

You might get a second thought. And honestly, you should. Below is the high-quality video you can view from the Reolink free IP camera software. Learn More. Olivia Love sharing best solutions for home and business security, dedicating herself in providing trendy and useful home security information for readers and helping viewers find the best solutions to their problems.

Be Prepared, Be Reolink. Work Time: Login to your account Username or Email address: Login Remember me Forgot password? However, all of them only support cameras from their own brands. Our free VMS software is compatible with IP cameras from many brands, it also has built-in special protocol to connect with Hikvision and Dahua cameras. Most importantly, NVR will fail to operate when encountering firmware corruption.

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While you can install and uninstall VMS in event of malfunction of software. You even can restore MacOS when encountering system error.

Free IP Camera Software For Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones

Moreover, most NVR adopts System-on-chip, which is impossible to upgrade or update. You have to abandon existing NVR If video processing capability is insufficient when you want to upgrade your existing HD surveillance system to 4K system, or you want to increase number of cameras.

The PC-based NVR is expandable, you can easily upgrade its hardware intending to obtain higher video processing capability.