My apple mac wont turn on

Thank you for the trick!! Unplug the battery. Unplug the MagSafe power cable. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds and continue to do that. While still holding the power button down, insert the MagSafe power cable and hold it for another 10 sec. And it started right up. I thought that was a crazy thing to do and how did anyone ever discover that it worked??? But it sur did the job on this laptop I managed to switched it on, where my user login logo appeared, but then a loading bar would appear and just freeze.

Then I found your link, which made my day! Happy Mac again. Thank you!! Thank you for posting this: I chose a time machine backup, which is now underway I updated it to macOS Sierra yesterday night and left it be, when I opened it the next day it wouldn't continue starting up. Please help.

I can send you the picture of what it's showing me now. Been trying several tips but nothing is working. Remember the reason you wrote this article, and why I wasted my time reading it, was because my computer wasn't starting up. At all! I reinstalled the OS as a clean install over the top of an install from Time machine.

Problem is it won't wake properly from sleep. Sometimes I get the log in screen - where password is required - and having input the password the same screen the appears again, When I input password for the second time it then lets me in and generally gives me the pages left open when put into sleep mode. It's so frustrating and bizzare behaviour. Disk utility tells me there is nothing wrong Any thoughts welcome. I did the power cycle tip too and it worked. Mine is a vintage one already. I used to leave it on Sleep mode most of the time while connected on the charger.

I'm not sure if that was the reason why the second I open it, it won't boot successfully. I'm worried about the files I just transferred from my phone but thankfully it opened so I'll go ahead and retrieve them back for safety. Thanks again! I followed the power cycle reboot steps and got my mac to give me signs of life and then when it died in the middle of boot I restarted the process and plugged the battery in the middle because I only have a 60w power supply and needed an 85w.

I used the battery as a wattage boost in the middle and got my computer back up and running. Thanks for the guidance. My Mac Pro late , non removable battery behaves strangely. It does not switch on at all. Battery shows fully charged when I check by small side switch. Now, If I remove adapter connector, Mac starts up. But no chime. Before it completes booting it shuts down. Restarts on its own after sometime. On restarting same thing is repeated. Any suggestions please Black screen, L-type chord shows a charge going on orange light , fan whirring. No other signs of life. No start up chime, no matter how many times I hard power down and restart.

It's a MacBook pro with a non removable battery. Hi Fennelly. I have the same issues right now. Did you manage to bring back your computer back too life? Holy Bologna!!! I was convinced my MacBook Pro was toast. The special Poeer cycle seemed Compliments on the well structured and informative guide! Started using a Macbook Pro Md for a week or so now, when it just turned off. At the istore they performed a SMC and run a diagnostic check - proclaiming all is fine.

A day after it happened again. Thank you kindly. Great guide, I have no Mac experience and was able to repair my son's Mac using your guide. After hours of trying everybody else's suggestions I fixed me problems with your pointers!!! It took many layers of fixes but eventually sorted out my MacBook. I luv u?????? You are awesome! I reset the PRAM and it booted up quickly. Worked like a charm. You are the best. Thank you. The first solution worked for me!!

The fan seems to be a lot louder.. But my MacBook is up and running.

Mac Won't Boot? A Step-by-Step Guide to Waking It Up

Thanks so much, Jessica and to Victor Clausson for the "special power cycle" tip. Thanks Jessica! But even after all the El Cap troubleshooting, I've still been stuck! Then, a little comment from you and I was digging into RAM at the same time, but getting no love: It's the memory sticks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mark Alan E http: I thought you were nuts. Unplug the power and hold down the button? Reattach the power and keep holding the button down?

What was that possibly going to accomplish? Have appt Apple Store in 1hr!! Been having battery problems within my Apple Care but store refused to do anything; kept doing diagnostic, all extras……???????? I didn't remove my partition with the OSX install - I just can't access it! I don't know what to do. I have replaced the old keyboard thinking it might be problem with the new one.

Hi, I'm happy all other users solved their problems with Mac.. But, My problem seems a bit complected.. But still get White Screen after chime Sound Non of the startup combinations or shutdown work Any suggestion would be great Thank you.. Three days ago, I plugged the Macbook early into the socket to charge. The next day when I turned it on - nothing happened. No chime, no screen, nothing. Took it to Mac Genius which was a waste of time, took it to an Apple approved repair shop, they said the keyboard was clearly full of water impossible , had a technician visit the house and test, doing all the magic tricks you can do to wake up a mac, nothing worked - everyone said it's the logic board.

I have had this Macbook purchased new only 2. It didn't make sense that this essential and most expensive part of the MBP would die so soon. I had suspected the battery as responsible for some time for other issues erratic track pad for example. I backed up the computer, turned it off - no problem rebooting at all.

And in fact the computer is working much faster now. I will have it totally checked out and replace the battery 38 euros. Hope this helps people with similar issues! Thanks for your sharing, I had have same issue with you. I followed your steps. And ahaa!! That is so awesome!!

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Its always Battery Issues with Apple Products. I gave up!! Constantly going to Apple Store is annoying especially talking to Genius staff is useless. Thanks so much! I'm grateful for your help! Thanks a lot!!! Thanks again. Suddenly Macbook Pro bought in would only turn on , and run for about 2 minutes, then shiut down. Just running that Test did something that all the other processes could not. I wish you very well and great success. I've got a 27" iMac from A little while ago it wouldn't boot anymore. I heard the "Wall-E" sound, it showed a grey background, the apple logo and a bar loading.

So I was stuck. He provided me with a stick with the OS. I started the computer with the USB drive plugged in, and held down the option button. This shows the option to boot from the USB drive. When I selected that, I got back to a grey background with an apple logo and a bar loading. It got hanging again. I did the extended test. It found nothing. Start up from macOS Recovery.

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If the only way that you can start up is from macOS Recovery, the operating system on your startup disk might no longer be usable. If you recently installed memory or a hard disk or SSD , make sure that it's compatible and installed correctly. If possible, remove it and test with the original memory or disk. Published Date: Tue Feb 19 Yes No. I'll try removing the board and see if there has been any accidental liquid spill without my knowledge.

Mac won't turn on: What to do?

I have the same issue except my trackpad does click. But my screen is still black and heard no chime and my battery is fully charged.

Follow this guide here: Francis, I'm having the same issue and I wanted to check your link but it's broken. I hope you can see this message and send us an updated link. Show 4 more comments. First, determine whether the battery is removable. Learn more about Mac notebook batteries. Using the built-in keyboard, press Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the keyboard, then press the power button at the same time. Hold these keys and the power button for 10 seconds. As mentioned above, mine is an early retina Pro and hence battery is not removable.

Already tried the SMC reset. No signs of life. Does your Macbook work again? I have a similar issue. Apple says that I am out of warranty and the German shop notebooksbilliger. Show 14 more comments. Ailsa Law ailsalaw. You can also hold down fn-ctrl-cmd and the power button, it's the only thing that works on my mac when it just shuts down and becomes completely unresponsive even though the battery is full.

Holding down the power button for 10 seconds and the p and r key thing don't work and don't feel comfortable opening the back. Show 16 more comments. I am in Montreal on a business trip, and fortunately there is an Apple Store two blocks away that opened at 8 this morning. Turns out I brought a 65 watt charger with me. It did resurrect at the Apple Store on an 85 watt charger.

February Krishna Murti. Unfortunately I had the same issue. I tried all the options, however nothing worked. I was told by apple care that there was a liquid found in the motherboard and hence it happened. It still does not seems to be a convincing reply to me. Seems to me it could be the moisture formed on some part in motherboard which could have caused it. Siddharth Patil buddha. The battery died while the laptop was left running and it wasn't powering bank on. None of the reset key combinations suggested would power it on. I then put it back to sleep by closing the lid and connecting the battery back in.

I indeed seem have an issue with the power button but as long as I maintain charge in the battery I don't have to use the power button, I can just easily continue to put it to sleep and waking it back up using just the lid. Oh and I can also restart without any problems. It's only when I let battery die, or shutdown, that I have to open laptop, disconnect the battery, and repeat the process.

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