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Generation of Mandelbrot and Julia sets Generation of fractals based on iterating rational functions. The user may input expressions for any rational function ratio of two polynomials. Professional features for quality image generation including: Full support for bit color images. Image rendering with anti-aliasing. Spooling large images to disk allows the generation of images too large to fit into available RAM.

Use GPU Rendering. Anything else is a BIG Waste of Time !

Tiles allow parts of the image to be generated on separate computers, allowing several processors to be used simultaneously to generate an image. Tiles allow the creation of images larger than the largest format that your rendering hardware allows.

Free Tools for Generation of Fractals

Beyond the self-similarity, fractals are basically revered for their repetitive detailed patterns. We have all seen fractals even if we were not aware of it.

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For example, clouds and trees are natural fractal shapes. They exhibit similar and very detailed patterns infinitely.

Fractal Domains

Fractal shapes are almost exactly the same at varying scales or maintain fine, detailed pattern. They exhibit fine details at both very high and low magnification. While the cloud is a natural fractal, there are mathematical fractals created by computers. The most popular mathematical fractal is Mandelbrot set , which exhibits great self-similarity and reveals fine details even at very high magnification. There are several tools to lay your hands on to generate fractals.

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Some of the following tools are web-based, while others require downloading and installing. Go with whichever tool you are comfortable with and start generating fractals.

Introduction to XaoS Fractal Zoomer

This is a web-based fractal generator and viewer that will blow your mind away. The app allows modifying different aspects of your work like axoim, constants, iterations and so on. The examples provided on the homepage makes fractal generation very easy. Try Turtle Graphics Renderer. ChaosPro supports fractal generation for Windows. It lets you create 2D and 3D fractal types, animation and true color.

7 Awesome Free Tools To Start Making Your Own Fractals

You can check their gallery page for several examples of fractals generated with ChaosPro or visit their download page to get a recent version of their software for your computer. Download ChaosPro. GNU XaoS provides a powerful fractal zoomer that lets you zoom in and out of several fractals, and thus explore fractals to a great degree.