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Who'd you think you is, DJ Quick?

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Kid Kapri? Oh, then you must be Jimmie Walker. Blue you ain't nut-zin! You don't deserve nut-zin, you don't get nut-zin. You get what I give you. I got a contract betwinx me and you that say you do what I tell you to do. Therefore, shut the fuck, don't say nothin to me, don't even look at me. Tell you what, you better get on up outta my office and outta my face, before you get swole.

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Hey, Bill, I Hay for horses, hay for horses I didn't try to come up here and cheat you out of Blue, let me tell you somethin'. Blue, if I raise up, gonna be trouble Blue, if have to raise out this chair gon' be trouble, trouble! Dollar, I ain't tryin' to Now git out my face, before you git swole! Who tha fuck you think you talkin' to like that? You can't just come in here like that!

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    Bernie Mac Through the Years

    Louis - offer Ebony money to come off and have sex with them, but Diana intervenes. Meanwhile, Dollar Bill gets confronted by a man who works for St. Louis, he will hunt him down. That same night, St. Louis comes to his club to collect.

    Playas Club - Bernie Mac (Stripping Business)

    L'il Man, the doorman of the club, tells St. Louis that Dollar Bill is not at the club; St. Louis and his men leave. The next day as Dollar Bill tries to leave the club, St. Louis' men Brooklyn Charlie Murphy and K. Terrence Howard confront him. They beat him unconscious and throw him into the back of his car. Dollar Bill is found in the trunk and is arrested on warrants; he is later bailed out and returns to the club.

    BERNIE MAC THE PLAYERS CLUB ( Stock Photo: - Alamy

    The following night rapper Luther "Luke" Campbell comes to the strip club, Reggie and Clyde discuss him. When Dollar Bill is notified that Luke is at his club, he alerts the strippers via a money alarm, believing he will make a fortune. Clyde attempts to meet Luke, but Luke's bodyguard Michael Clarke Duncan informs Clyde that Luke is trying to relax and not meet with fans. Clyde insults the bodyguard, causing him to hit Clyde in the back of his head as he starts to walk away.

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    The bodyguard, Luke and the others in the V. In retaliation, Reggie grabs a chair, smashes it over the bodyguards head and beats down the bodyguard and belligerently fights against Luke and his friends, only for him to be gang-beaten and thrown into a glass window. The dazed Reggie opens fire wildly while the patrons flee before being knocked out by the bouncer X. Tiny Lister. Clyde then gets up and begins throwing punches himself at the entourage.

    Bernie Mac GIF

    In the same moment, Ronnie attempts to sexually assault Diamond again in the locker room downstairs, but is stopped by a panicked Tricks busting in and yelling about the craziness upstairs. Further tension develops between Ebony and Diana when Diana returns home one night after fleeing her obsessive customer Miron, who admitted to stalking her and then tried to force entry to her apartment, to find Ebony in bed with her boyfriend Lance after he breaks up with Diana earlier.

    Diana chases Lance out with her gun, shooting at him several times. Diana threatens and taunts Ebony. When Diana feigns leaving, Ebony is hit when she opens the door and is thrown out the apartment. Diana begins to grow sick and tired of the drama with Ebony and the club. When Ebony realizes that she will be the only woman in a hotel room full of horny men, she desperately tries calling Diana who is out on a date with Blue to come and pick her up, but Diana refuses, still being mad at Ebony for sleeping with Lance.