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Next, you want to start the installer. You will be asked to insert the Windows 7 disc or USB drive with the software and then the installation process will start. The menu will be similar to the one above in step 6. It will appear after you finish selecting the size of your Windows partition. You can also use a different drive if you have multiple hard drives or solid-state drives installed inside your Mac.

Keep in mind, however, that external drives cannot be used to host the Windows partition, as Apple mentions here.

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How to install Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro using Bootcamp, without CD drive

Step 8: Restart your Mac and boot it into Windows. If you own Snow Leopard, you can press the Option Alt key on your keyboard to go to a menu where Apple asks you which operating system you want to use.

Alternatively, you can use the Startup Disk control panel to choose your default starting operating system. When you boot into Windows, you will need to go through the process of updating drivers and making sure your Apple peripherals, like mice and keyboards, work correctly. Conclusion Macs are becoming more prevalent in the work place of MBS and even larger enterprises. However, despite Microsoft offering some of its software in the form of Office for Mac , there is a lot of software that is still exclusive to Windows that companies rely on. This is why being able to put both operating systems on a single system can be a life saver.

However, what is missing from the Windows version that you may rely on is OneNote. If you want the best of both worlds, you can with this dual-booting guide.

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Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

Even sudo won't cut it as the file is "locked". Aviel - Please include the relevant information from your link.. This is an excellent chance for somebody, to find the content that was at that link, and submit a new proper answer. This worked for me: OS X tends to put the. Run diskutil list to get the current list of devices Insert your flash media Run diskutil list again and determine the device node assigned to your flash media e.

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How to install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro with Bootcamp, without CD

Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. If some Mac features don't work when running Windows in Boot Camp When you upgrade or reinstall Windows on your Mac, you might need to reinstall or update the Windows support software drivers provided by Boot Camp.

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If you see any of the following issues when your Mac is started from Microsoft Windows, use the steps in this article to reinstall or update your Windows support software: An error message says that Apple Software Update has stopped working. One or more screen resolutions are missing or unavailable for your display in Windows. You can't adjust the brightness of your built-in display in Windows. Your Apple mouse, trackpad, or keyboard isn't working in Windows. You don't hear audio from the built-in speakers of your Mac in Windows. The built-in microphone or camera of your Mac isn't recognized in Windows.

Connect and format a USB flash drive 2. Install the Windows support software. Start your Mac from macOS.