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Thank yous all around. I would also love to hear about the color grading you did on this project and the other one those are also very very nice. The result; wavy lines moving across the picture.

Does anybody know if there is a fix for this??? Are they rolling bands? If so, here is one video tutorial on how to make it less noticeable. Looks great. It delivers decent results, as well! Check it out:. Salomon you are a guru.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 for PC, Mac

Check this super slow longboard sliding vid out.. I agree the new Motion or FCPX has the optical flow that shake had very cheap and easier way to do it, at AE hates you making clips longer so you have to do a bit of a work around. I like you Philip never got the best results. I am so glad you posted this It helps out a lot. Thank you. Hi, I used twixtor with FCP and I think it worked just fine, you really need solid background as it was said before, fast shutter of course helps as well.

Check this out: Amazing film and a great write up.

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I hope to be able to test twixtor myself one day… Just need to get more lights…. This is so interesting. We go back and forth between Twixtor and Optical image flow in Motion a lot and i have learned similar — and a few different things — coming from DSLR in my case. To minimize it — high contrast, simple backgrounds and get close.

In our tests i have found no algorithmic difference between the two — jello in one — jello in the other — its how you shot not the math that is doing you in. We found the roundtripping in FCP and Motion to be easier less tech so thats where we have ended up. We have our workflow here http: Salomons work is incredible.

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Will be following these tips to the letter! Can someone please explain to me why one needs to have Twixtor for super slo-mo as a plug in to Adobe After Effects when said effect already exists in Adobe After Effects? Because till this moment i only had weird results with many many big blending ghosts…it looks like kinda morphing but not a slowmo thanx. Great article,thanks!

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I am shooting a hair commercial, and with low budget I cannot afford the phantom or any other camera to shoot proper slomo. Shooting beauty hair shots ala Pantene, twists,turns,drops of cascading hair — yeah right! I read your worklow suggestions and it really clarifies things — especially about the distance etc being key to maximise succes in terms of Twixtor interpreting frames, and was wanting to know if anyone can advise me on:.

Static shots better? End of lens, shallow depth of field wanted i. How to best use twixtor for extreme slow motion Editing Guest blog Post tutorials 13th September Previous Post Next Post. You may also like 31st May Program FilesAdobeAdobe. I tested this myself and I am running the latest version of Twixtor on both Premiere Pro.. RevisionFX Reflex 4. Twixtor 5. Tech Blog Cs5. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. It is full offline installer standalone version for 32 bit 64 bit pc.. REVision Twixtor v6. Adobe After Effects CS5 and up.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up. Mac OS Twixtor Pro 5. Engine Download v2. Compatibility Adobe After Effects 7. Motion 4 and 5, Premiere Pro 6,. How to Use Twixtor in Premiere Pro.

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Twixtor is a handy plug-in that can be used in Premiere Pro. It allows you to change the speed of clips or even stretches it.. Free Download Twixtor 6. Information Twixtor5.