Windows xp vs mac os x leopard

Joe Wilcox says Windows XP delivers all the features you'd ever expect from an operating system. But Mac OS X, despite flaws, gets the early nod.

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I can't figure out if Mac enthusiasts are defensive or overprotective. Whichever, they pounce on my stories like atom bombs falling on mosquitoes. Funny thing is, Microsoft fans don't like me much either. While not as strident as the Mac faithful, Microsoft's minions throw the weight of their opinions around, too. The difference is the intensity. The Mac crowd can be quite zealous defending Apple. But enough about the death threats.

Windows Xp/Vista to Mac OS X Leopard Perfected P.2

Windows XP, if you didn't know, will succeed Windows 95, 98, Me and and is slated for release later this year. Mac OS X is the most serious overhaul of Apple's operating system since its introduction. But the differences between the operating systems also are striking. In some ways such a comparison might appear unfair, since Windows XP is only a beta release. Frankly, given some of the missing features more about that later , the small number of available applications, and that Apple won't ship the operating system on new systems until summer, Mac OS X is closer to beta than spit-and-polish code.

The company promises to remedy these problems by summer. For now, using the drives requires a reboot back to the older Mac OS 9. It's like going back to your old apartment from that spacious new house to do laundry. Microsoft, by contrast, takes a kitchen-and-sink approach to Windows. If the company does not offer a feature but thinks someone might want it, that gets integrated into Windows. Only the kitchen sink is missing, and I am sure it's coming in a future Windows XP update for plumbing appliances.

Windows Media Player 8 also serves up crisp DVD movie playback and booming sound--so good I made a bundle selling popcorn and soda to the neighbors. Microsoft also delivers nicely on making the Internet a cool place to work, learn or play. Some of the new features in Internet Explorer the beta comes with Windows XP or can be downloaded separately from the Web--are slick. So why not give it a try on your desktop?

OS X Snow Leopard shows signs of becoming Apple's XP

Computing nirvana isn't difficult to find. If you want a simple-to-use computer that can run virtually any application you need on stylish hardware that gives you easy online access and instant connectivity to all types of satellite devices, just go to an Apple store and buy a Macintosh. When it comes to integration, no other operating system can boast the unity of purpose and results that exist on the Mac platform. While the competition is busy mashing feature after feature into poorly designed products, Apple Inc.

Performance Comparison: Apple Mac OS X vs. Windows XP

You know what I'm taking about—all those annoying little things that add up when using Windows. Plug in a mouse on a PC, and a little dialog box pops up exclaiming that it just sensed you plugged in a mouse, and after installing the driver, it's ready to go!

This isn't a shuttle launch; I just plugged in a mouse. I'll know the operating system recognizes it as soon as I can move the pointer, so stop bugging me with alert boxes! Apple's relentless attention to detail has created a world where hardware and software are equally polished—so polished, in fact, that a wireless mouse, an iPod or an iPhone feels more like a natural extension of the Mac than a separate device.

For those still stuck with Windows, that kind of experience remains a mirage, always just over the horizon. With Vista, users get an operating system that comes in six— six! Many older PCs can't handle the operating system—and even a lot of those newer "Vista Capable" machines may not be so capable after all. Sure, you could try Linux. But the kind of integration I'm talking about isn't possible in Windows, never mind Linux. The glue that binds the hardware is the operating system, and Mac OS X Leopard, has elegance and ease of use baked right in.

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  • Leopard easily leads the pack in terms of security, ease of installation, maintenance and integration of applications whose learning curves are so minimal Apple doesn't even bother with full manuals. That isn't an accident. Other operating systems have their strengths. Windows is ubiquitous; it isn't going anywhere soon. And the collective hive of developers working to make Linux better is impressive. But Apple's switch to the Intel architecture, along with today's impressive virtualization software, means Macs can now run those other operating systems—at full speed.

    Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows XP - Forums - CNET

    That gives you access to software across all three platforms, letting you work and play without walling yourself off from the rest of the computer world. Let me say it again: All Macs can run Windows and, consequently, all of the software that runs on Windows. All versions. At once, if you want to. Did I mention that Leopard is a certified Unix product, too? Along with its famed user interface, one of the keys to the success of Mac OS X is the lack of malware, spyware and self-propagating viruses. We can debate the reasons—whether it's the security inherent to the modern BSD underpinnings of Apple's code or the "security by obscurity" theory—but Macs are not susceptible to the problems that have always plagued Windows PCs.

    Let me put it in perspective: I have been working with Macs since , and not a single second of downtime has been caused by a virus, spyware or malware. Think about that for a moment. Not a single second has been wasted dealing with security. Computerworld Inc. Archived from the original on October 14, Time Machine: The Good, the Bad, and the Missing Features".

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