Como poner letra capital en word mac

Mateusz Piotrowski Mateusz Piotrowski 1, 2 8 Any idea why it needs to be misspelled? I suspect that is why Unicode used it. ItaiFerber Indeed, once an incorrect name has entered Unicode, it is impossible to change it.

To switch text to upper case

There are several known misspellings. It's not misspelt. Both are correct for their intended use case. Egill Egill 41 1.

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Works like this: Tom Gewecke Nikita Voloboev Nikita Voloboev 38 5. Paste it wherever you want it ;. Copy that into the clipboard and you're good to go. That applies to other Vim distributions as well.

Insert a drop cap

Nobilis Nobilis 3. Here's a link to Vim Wikia about this: Three one keystroke solutions: Install Ukelele and make option - L produce lambda. Use Karabiner to do the same.

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A bit more difficult. Field codes are powerful scripting tools, and can cause problems if not used correctly.

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If the formula was entered incorrectly in any way, the code may disappear, or your program may even crash. Make sure that you aren't inserting extra spaces or characters, and that the formula is typed exactly as seen above. You can then review your code and make any necessary changes. Method 2. Insert an equation object. You can use the Equation Editor to apply the mathematical overline accent to your text. The overline effect produced is slightly different than the field code function.

You cannot select your text and then apply the equation, you will have to enter the text after creating the equation. To insert an equation, click the Insert tab. Click the Equation button in the Symbols section. Choose the over bar accent. Before typing your text, add the accent. Click the Accents button in your Design section. There are actually to slightly different options you can pick from if you want an overline over your test. You can choose either the Bar, located in the Accents section, or the Overbar, located in the Over bars and Under bars section.

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Choose one and a small dotted box will appear in your formula field. Enter your text. Click the small dotted box and begin entering your test. You will see the overline effect applied immediately as you type. When you are finished, click outside of the formula field. Troubleshoot a non-working formula.

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If you can't get the overline to appear, chances are you didn't have the small dotted box selected when you entered your text. You must select it in order to type with the overline effect. Any text outside of the box will not be affected. Unanswered Questions. This post is over 2 years old. I think the original poster may well have worked something out by now.

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