C++ compiler for mac os x 10.6

  • Hi i need to compile c++ on mac OSX 10.6.8 what should i do??
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Nothing else to do. Which is not much these days. A welcome page will be launched that brings a real feeling of WTF to many users. Here it is.


Installing a C++ Compiler

The trick is to realize that the icon on the far right, circled in red above, takes you into the workbench. Once the IDE is launched, there are just a few details before you can build a project. Experienced Eclipse users know the drill. Newbies may want to select the Hello World project just to see how things get set up.

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A more detailed examination of this set up and the ins-and-outs of Eclipse are beyond the scope of this getting started article. First, make sure that your security settings allow for software to be installed from anywhere.

How to Setup C++ on Mac

To do this, go open your System Preferences go to the apple in the upper left and select "System Preferences". If the lock icon is closed in the bottom left of the window, click it to unlock your settings. Then click the option to allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere".

After you follow the next steps, feel free to go back and change your settings back to what they were.

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This project is for you as it will get you only the parts of XCode that you need for this. Download and install the package that matches your version of OSX Now open a terminal: If the compiler installed correctly, you should see an error that looks something like:. Download MinGW and install it.

The first window in the installation process should look like this:. Select "Install". The next screen will ask you for some options.

Just stick with the defaults and click "Continue". That will cause MinGW to be downloaded. You should see a window like below; once it's finished, select "Continue". There's a few more packages you need to mark—be sure that you right-click on the following four packages and select "Mark for Installation".