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There are exceptions, though, and Wi-Fi speakers can still be portable if they have batteries, and ideally can create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network with your phone. Not all portable speakers are built to be carried around outdoors, or used by the pool. Rugged speakers can handle splashes, dunks, drops, and gunk and keep running. If you try that with the non-rugged speakers on this list, however, you'll find yourself with a brick instead of an audio device.

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Look for speakers with IPX ratings and guarantees of water and shock resistance if you want to carry them around to the beach, the lake, the slopes, or the sewers. Our guide to IP ratings explains what those numbers mean, so you can know whether your speaker can handle getting dunked in the pool, or if it simply will stay intact in a light drizzle. For more, see our list of the best outdoor speakers. Unless portability is at the top of your priority list, sound quality is paramount. Plenty of speakers don't offer much in the way of features, but produce top-notch audio.

Big bass isn't for everyone, but unless your speaker is downright tiny, it should be able to reproduce low frequencies accurately without distorting at high volumes. Clarity is more important than sheer power, and a balanced, clean sound should be your goal when shopping for a speaker. If you want a sound system that can drive a whole party instead of just fill a small room, keep the size of the speaker in mind; generally, the bigger a speaker is, the louder it can get while still sounding good.

See How We Test Speakers. As mentioned earlier, in the early days of wireless audio Bluetooth was far inferior to Wi-Fi standards because of limited bandwidth and audio compression. Those problems have been largely solved, and Bluetooth 4. Wi-Fi can still get an edge purely due to the available bandwidth, and if you want to listen to lossless music on services like Tidal you should probably go with Wi-Fi over Bluetooth.

Of course, a wired connection can be better than both thanks to either faster data speeds for digital signals or simply the fact that the wire is carrying the analog sound without any conversion. But this guide is for wireless speakers. Voice assistants let you simply tell your speaker what to play instead of looking through your smartphone. They were initially very limited, closed systems only available on first-party devices, like Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant on the Google Home , but that's steadily changing. More and more third-party speakers are integrating some form of voice assistant, either Google Assistant or Alexa.

These voice assistants are useful for more than just playing music. You can ask them for weather forecasts, sports scores, unit conversions, and even language translation. They also generally support third-party skills that let you do anything from order pizza to play trivia games. If you have other smart home devices , you might even be able to integrate them as well, letting you control the lights and thermostat with your voice.

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Voice assistant speakers have one universal requirement: They need an internet connection, and without one voice recognition and all of the processing needed to find your music, answer your questions, and control your smart home devices simply won't work. These speakers can still be portable, and even offer Bluetooth connectivity when you're away from your network, but those features aren't certain. The most prominent first-party voice assistant speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home don't have batteries. For more, see our picks for the best smart speakers.

Speakers come in a wide range of prices. Don't assume, however, that the most money always buys the best overall product. Generally speaking, higher-end models do sound better, but sometimes they lack the features you might expect for the price. The trick is to get the best sound, along with the features you want, at a price you can afford. And, of course, if you want to know about all of those things, you can read our reviews of each speaker. The easiest way to get the best price: Shop around online.

You'll often find prices well below list if you do a little bargain hunting on the web. Don't be afraid to look for similar speakers to the ones on this list, either; a number of the options included here have solid predecessors that you can now find for much less since they've been replaced. For more, see the latest speaker reviews in our speakers product guide. And if you want to cut the cord without waking the neighbors, check out our favorite wireless headphones. Much better sound than previous model. Still the best inexpensive Alexa speaker. Alexa remains the best voice ecosystem for smart home control.

Alexa isn't up to Google Assistant's level at answering broad information queries.

Cut the Cord

Quality audio performance with rich lows, crisp highs, and adjustable bass. Built-in LED lighting. Various EQ modes don't really alter audio that much. Exceptional value. Excellent audio performance, with strong bass presence and crisp highs. Alluring minimalist design. No aux input cable included.

These speakers offer a High definition audio system and a seamless connectivity up to a distance of 30 feet. The design is simple and intuitive, so it is easy to control the settings. The dimensions of the speaker set are 12 x 4.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for 12222

The speakers are powered at 30W each with dual audio drivers. There are two passive subwoofers on both the sides of the speaker and offer excellent bass. It is compatible with Mac devices as well as the latest Samsung devices. The speaker set is light and compact and suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes. It comes with a USB port as well as a 3.

The battery is rated at mAh and is built-in with quick charging abilities, allowing 8 hours of playback on a single charge. You can use the USB port as a power bank as well, for charging your iPhone and other devices while playing music simultaneously. It is a small, portable inconspicuous Bluetooth speaker set offering clear audio quality. The wireless speakers offer powerful bass and HD stereo sound with high volume. It makes use of the Bluetooth 4. The connection offered is stable and the music is rendered without any distortions. The design is rugged and durable, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

The dimensions of the wireless speakers are 8. The battery is powered at mAh. You can actually carry this speaker in your pocket without sacrificing sound quality. It is IPX7 certified; so, it is waterproof and you can literally submerge it in water. There is also a built in speakerphone to make calls.

Top 5 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy in 2019

It is light and portable at 10 ounces or grams. The dimensions of this compact speaker are 1. The build quality is excellent with a flexible rubber strapping that is resistant to tear. You can use this to strap the speaker to your bag or anything else. The bass port is present on the base and is well designed to offer the best performance. In addition, there is a micro USB port for charging along with volume controls and a function to control playback.

Battery life is around 6 hours. You can use the Bose Connect app for linking with other other speakers wirelessly. It comes with a speakerphone that is built in, to take calls aloud and access Siri or Google Assistant. The speaker is waterproof as well as shockproof with IPX4 certification. You can submerge it completely in water and it is able to withstand drops too, as it is shockproof. The bass output is impressive, coming with a full range of stereo sound output.

It is compatible with all Apple devices and also with Android devices like Samsung S7 and so on. The dimensions of this portable speaker are 8. It has a built-in battery powered at mAh offering a battery life of around 6 hours, and it is rechargeable. You can charge the speakers using the USB cable included with the package. In addition, there is a jack of 3. It comes with a metal hook loop that can be used for easily attaching to a chain or clip. These speakers are compatible with Macs and the iOS and also with other Bluetooth capable devices.

You can, therefore, use them no matter what device you are pairing it with. There is a Play and Pause button on the unit itself. The maximum value of sound output is 10Watts, which is enough for a small get together. The bass quality offered by the Passive Bass Radiator is also decent enough for you to enjoy the music. You can use the OontZ Angle 3 speakers as an auxiliary speaker to make phone calls. Phone calls are audible and clear.

It is compact with dimensions of 5. You can easily fit it in your pocket and it is easy to transport and listen to music while travelling. The battery life is good at about 12 hours and it has a rechargeable battery of mAh. It is comfortable for carrying around, without any square or sharp edges, is super light and can fit well in your backpack. It is dustproof; rainproof as well as splash proof. It can stand some minor drops too, due to the rubber wrapping at the ends, which cushions the fall. It consists of a simple black rectangle built of soft plastic covered with a grille and does have an overall aesthetic appeal.

There is a LED light that flashes red when the battery is low. It comes with Bluetooth 4. There is an auxiliary input for devices that are not compatible with Bluetooth. The battery life is around 24 hours of playback. The volume is reasonable for a speaker of this size. Stereo sound comes with a deep bass, which offers good clarity and no distortion. The build is sturdy, with a drop proof feature, as it makes use of tactile materials with seamless controls. This is the mid-sized model with 2 drivers present on the front, for offering stereo sound. There is a passive bass radiator present on the rear for enhancing the bass sound.

It comes with an IPX6 rate for water resistance. The battery allows a playback of up to 20 hours when charged fully. The box includes a micro-USB cable and one mini-plug cable. It also works as a speakerphone in addition to its wireless speakers, with the Bluetooth range being as high as feet. The antenna design uses a special design along with Bluetooth 4.

Compact and Portable Delivering Impressive Sound

It comes along with a micro USB charging cable of 6 feet and an audio cable of 3. You can buy the carry case that is sold separately. You can use the soft touch controls present on the side along with the input ports and charging ports, which are also present here. The sound quality is excellent for a speaker of this size, offering excellent audio for the music of all genres. The bass is ample and tight with a clean and clear treble and good tonal balance. The power delivered is 14 Watts and is enough to fill even a loud room.

The bass radiator is a proprietary one and it comes with two precision stereo drivers so that there is no distortion of sound even at a high volume. You can play the music to 2 ultra speakers by connecting them wirelessly. It is possible to play music in separate areas. You can get Siri support when you connect with your Apple devices. As the name suggests, you can unzip the outer cover and swap it with another one as per your likes. Libratone Zipp is known for its long-lasting battery power. You can also stream live radio with it. The most remarkable feature of Libratone Zipp is that it comes with a USB port which you can use to charge your mobiles.

As for the sound quality, it provides degrees sound from 5 drivers which increases the bass and gives high-quality sound output. However, writing off the SoundLink Mini II because of its age would be a mistake, as it remains one of the best sounding wireless speakers. That said, it punches way above what its size would suggest, producing deep bass, sparkling highs and a lush midrange. Yes Bluetooth version: Anker has a history of making excellent budget wireless speakers. So what happens if you can stretch your budget?

Competitors like the UE Wonderboom listed above give the Flare a run for its money in terms of build quality but we give the Flare the slight edge with sound quality. We recommend the Flare for anyone looking for a wireless speaker that can do it all without breaking the bank. Anker Soundcore Flare. No USB charging: When someone asks us for a recommendation for a waterproof speaker, the UE Roll 2 was always on the top of our list.

Where it was lacking was in the bass department. UE Wonderboom. Up to 24 hours Wireless range: However, the UE Wonderboom does offer degree sound and multi-speaker pairing if that matters to you. The JBL Flip 4 is also a good alternative if you want more bass emphasis and degree sound but, if you're on a budget, you can't beat the XSound Go.

Tribit XSound Go. It's rugged design stands out from other Bluetooth speakers on the market, and rock fans will like its heritage design - but if you're all about the minimalist look, the Kilburn II probably isn't for you. Marshall Kilburn II review. Yes Charges devices over USB: The newest speaker in the Denon Envaya line is one of the first speakers to absolutely blow us away in It offers powerful, room-filling sound that will sound great to most ears, plus comes with an IP67 rating, make it both dust and waterproof.

It's also built like a tank, making it one of the most durable speakers we've ever laid our hands on. Despite a nearly flawless performance, the Envaya isn't perfect: