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The 8 Best Free Word Cloud Creation Tools For Teachers

Shapego is a full-featured word cloud generator that gives you everything you need to create amazing word clouds for your presentations, marketing, and communication materials. Whether you are a marketing professional, a teacher, a community manager, or somebody that wants to communicate a message in a visual manner, Shapego is the app you need. Shapego features a streamlined user interface that was built to fine-tune the appearance, shape, and position of the words that compose your word cloud. Once you are satisfied with your creations, Shapego lets you export to PDF vector documents or layered Photoshop files.

Still have doubts? Here are some real-world use cases: Shapego can help you by making a word cloud with only the most recurrent words thanks to iOS state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing technologies.

Shapego – Beautiful Word Clouds for iPad and iPhone [Sponsor]

Tired of the old PowerPoint thing? Just create a word cloud with Shapego and accurately position the key words of your message.

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Let them write a description of an object or an animal and use Shapego to have their words laid out in a word cloud that has the shape of what they are describing. Shapego's privacy policy: True only the first few shapes are free and I am not usually a fan of in app purchases but for a great teacher I splurged for the Apple shape. I was not disappointed!

The gift came out perfect and I have many more Ideas for gift ideas!

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This app allows me to import my shape, get the colors and fonts I want, and export as PNG. The flexibility makes this one fun to play with. Tagxedo is a great generator riding around on square wheels.


But if you surmount those hurdles, what remains is a feature-rich generator that can accommodate whatever custom shapes, colors, and fonts you want. And it has a History section — my new favorite feature.


Need to rollback to a previous version of your word cloud? Find a snapshot of it in the History section and give it a click.

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  • Instead of creating an image on a website, what if you collaborate with a whole crowd of people and create a living word cloud that grows and moves as you type? Educators and meeting facilitators use it everyday with big and small crowds alike.

    Welcome to Tagxedo, word cloud with styles

    You simply create an empty word cloud with a prompt or a question, and embed it into your presentation slide. The audience adds words to your word cloud live using their phones. Together you watch opinions become artwork instantaneously. People add emojis and phrases.

    It becomes a favorite way to immediately visualize what everyone thinks and feels. Afterward it turns into the perfect souvenir of your session. Discover what you can create together.

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    • Maxwell works with a wonderfully thoughtful team of presentation enthusiasts. Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

      Start Now , or make a Tagxedo out of your blogs, tweets, or tags The following are a few examples to show the versatility of Tagxedo, especially how tightly the words hug the shapes. Feel free to click the pictures and play with them in Tagxedo.