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By the way, if you're not seeing the toolbar or the Favorites bar, you'll find the View menu contains options for turning them on or off. You can create as many mailboxes as it takes; the number and categories are up to you. You can create mailboxes for individuals, groups, companies, or categories; anything that makes sense for you.

You can also create mailboxes within mailboxes, to further organize your email. For example, if you get a lot of email newsletters, you might create a mailbox called Newsletters. Within the Newsletters mailbox, you can create individual mailboxes for each newsletter or newsletter category, such as Macs, Gardening, and Home Theater.

In this tip, we'll create a Mac Tips mailbox within a Newsletters mailbox. You can also right-click on a mailbox name already present in the sidebar. In both cases, the New Mailbox sheet will appear. In the Name field, type Newsletters.

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You may also see a Location pop-up menu, which you can use to specify where to create the Mailbox; in iCloud or On my Mac. On my Mac is local, storing the mailbox and its contents on your Mac. For this example, select On my Mac. Once the Location and Mailbox name are filled in, click OK. To create a sub-folder for Mac Tips newsletters, click once on the Newsletters mailbox. In the Name field, type Mac Tips. Make sure the Location is set to the same as the Newsletter mailbox, then click OK.

Your new Mac Tips mailbox will appear. Depending on the version of Mail you're using, it will either already be placed inside the Newsletter mailbox, or listed in the sidebar under On my Mac. New Mailbox: If you leave the popup menu selection on the current folder, the new folder will become a sub folder of the parent folder.

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You can navigate via the popup menu to place the new mailbox elsewhere. I rarely have eMail in my Inbox over a day. Seeing hundreds of eMails in an Inbox, or Sent folder, makes me crazy! Good luck and happy eMailing. Being organized can help you with a cluttered and bursting Inbox and Sent Items folder. Step 1: Step 2: You will then see a drop down sheet. To create a sub-folder, a folder within a folder, single click on the folder you just created, or any other you have created and repeat steps 1 and 2.

macOS 10.5 (Leopard)

You will have created a first level folder and a sub-folder within the first level folder. IMAP mail is a mail protocol that keeps all mail on a server, rather than delivering it to your computers mailbox and deleting it from the server. There are many advantages to using IMAP. If you have multiple computers or an iPhone, you would be able to see the same mail on each device.

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And if you delete an eMail from one device, this update will be seen by all of your devices. This includes all archiving folders created on the server too. Select the account mailbox you would like to create a folder in.

Step 3: If this was helpful to you … please leave a comment. How To: Create a folder in Mail. I have multiple accounts in macmail. When I creat a sub folder New Mailbox in any of these accounts I do not find option to write down the name of that account in location.

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If you can be more specific. If you want to change the name of any folder all you have to do it click on the name once, pause, then click on the name again, the text will be selected and you can change it. Once done ht the Enter or Return key to save the new name. I am a VERY new user!

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I am still unable to create subfolders in the mailboxes I am creating. I can however make folders and sub folders in the smart mailboxes. I am used to Outlook. Smart mailboxes are not real mailboxes. They are just saved searches on all your physical mailboxes.