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Adjust your margins and paragraph styles as desired. This is because you inserted your design into the header and footer section of the document, and the design will automatically repeat on every additional page. Now you can send your editable Microsoft Word letterhead template to your client! If your client is printing the Microsoft Word letterhead template at a printer who is able to print full-bleed pages, tell your client to save the finished file as a PDF file for better printing results.

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Printing directly from a Microsoft Word document can have mixed results. On the chance that your client has Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader , you should recommend they edit their letterheads in those programs instead because the print quality will be higher than in Microsoft Word. Additionally, if the design is full bleed and your client wants it as a Microsoft Word letterhead template, make sure to inform them that it cannot be printed properly on a typical home or office printer, as this will result in a white margin around the edges.

They need to take the full-bleed design to a professional printer who can print full-bleed designs. Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. Get a design. Set up your Microsoft Word document Next, set up a Word document to insert your letterhead design into. Place your letterhead design into your Microsoft Word document Your letterhead design is going to be placed into the Header and Footer section of your Word document, which will automatically repeat on all additional pages. Prepare the Microsoft Word letterhead template for printing If your client is printing the Microsoft Word letterhead template at a printer who is able to print full-bleed pages, tell your client to save the finished file as a PDF file for better printing results.

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En cambio, como productividad, me parece mejor la de Microsoft. Mac OS X. Juzgen ustedes mism s Que tal solo quiero darles las gracias por recomendarme este programa para mi mac ya que me agrado mucho y me esta sirviendo d emaciado no se que ubiera hecho si no me ubieran dado esta opcion, nuevamente gracias. Saludos seguimos en contacto. Buen dia a todos. Un programa completisimo con procesador de texto, hoja de calculo y presentaciones.

Ya sin X Muy compatible. For a training course to help you create your first document, see Create your first Word document. To learn about the features that are new to Word , see What's new in Word Word templates are ready to use with themes and styles. Each time you start Word , you can choose a template from the gallery, click a category to see the templates it contains, or search for more templates online. You can work in compatibility more or you can upgrade the document to use features that are new or enhanced in Word To save the document on your computer, choose a folder under Computer or click Browse.

To save your document online, choose a location under Places or Add a Location. Open your document in Read M ode to hide most of the buttons and tools so you can get absorbed in your reading without distractions. Click the File tab and then click Print. For details, see Print and preview documents. Go beyond the basics with your documents by creating a table of contents , saving a document as a template , or print multiple copies of a document. What is Word?

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Find and apply a template. Create a new document. Open a document.

Save a document. Read documents. Track changes and insert comments. Print your document. Microsoft Word is a word-processing program, designed to help you create professional-quality documents. With the finest document-formatting tools, Word helps you organize and write your documents more efficiently. Word also includes powerful editing and revising tools so that you can collaborate with others easily.

Word allows you to apply built-in templates, to apply your own custom templates, and to search from a variety of templates available on the web. To use one of the built-in templates, click Sample Templates , click the template that you want, and then click Create. To use your own template that you previously created, click My Templates , click the template that you want, and then click OK.

To find a template on Office.

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You can also search for templates on Office. In the Search Office. Under Available Templates , click Blank Document. For more information about how to create a new document, see Create a document. Click the File tab, and then click Open.

Convert your original design into a Microsoft Word letterhead template

In the left pane of the Open dialog box, click the drive or folder that contains the document. In the right pane of the Open dialog box, open the folder that contains the drawing that you want. In the Save as type list, click Word Document. This changes the file format to.

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For more information about how to create a document that is compatible with Word or earlier versions, see Create a document to be used by previous versions of Word. Open the document that you want to read. For more information about how to view documents, see Read documents in Word.