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But in a bigger space, with images above inches, the quality drops off sharply. It slips easily into a bag or purse and barely adds any weight. It measures 5. Some Android devices can connect wirelessly, via integrated Wi-Fi.

Its built-in battery is charged via a micro-USB charging port, and lasts about three hours of continuous video playback roughly the same as the PicoPro. The MP-CL1 has a small built-in speaker that is fairly puny but works in a pinch. A headphone jack allows you to attach outside speakers or a pair of headphones. Its big advantage is portability. You could travel with it and an iPhone. That said, it has the same usability issues.

Pico and Palmtop Projectors

This projector has plenty of connection options it even includes a TV tuner and a well-designed user interface. Plus, its image is much dimmer than that of the Anker Nebula Mars II and noticeably bluer than it should be. Anker Nebula Capsule: It runs on the same Android software as the Mars and Mars II, which means it is just as easy to use and claims its battery lasts up to four hours. Asus S1: A prior pick, this small projector comes with a carrying case and has a built-in battery that delivers up to three hours of use. It produces a large image without a long throw distance, but it delivers just 90 lumens at p, which is far too dim and small for a movie screening at home.

The image is also noticeably washed out. This is the absolute smallest portable projector we tested, so if you need an ultralight, compact projector in a pinch, you might check it out.

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Asus ZenBeam E1: Measuring 4. DBPower T This frequent Amazon best seller claims to produce an extremely bright image 1, lumens and a p resolution. It manages to produce all those lumens by adding an excessive blue tint to the image, which makes it appear brighter but produces a horrible image.

Optoma ML Compact and portable with a rated lumens, this projector has no battery option. Vivitek Qumi Q6: This projector has dual HDMI inputs and supports 3D, but it exhibits video processing bugs that reduce the image quality. It has to be closer to the wall than the Anker Mars II to produce the same size image. There are posterization artifacts with moving objects, especially on faces, which makes it a worse choice for movies. Pico Pocket Projectors , ProjectorReviews. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Anker Nebula Mars II The best portable mini projector The Mars II delivers good picture quality, and its built-in apps, automatic focus and keystoning, and support for a mobile remote app make it easier to use than any projector we tested.

Anker Nebula Mars Better image quality, but harder to use The original Nebula Mars delivers the best overall image quality, but its lack of a mobile remote app makes it more difficult to use.

The Best Mini-Projectors on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Budget pick. Everything we recommend Our pick. Why you should trust us Who should buy this How we picked and tested Our pick: Anker Nebula Mars Budget pick: Anker Nebula Mars Lite What to look forward to The competition Sources Why you should trust us Adrienne Maxwell has reviewed projectors and home theater equipment for over a decade. To determine which projectors to test for our latest update, we considered the following elements: We only considered projectors that offer multiple input options so that you can access content in different ways.

The Best Portable Projectors for 12222

We also considered whether a projector has a slot for a USB thumb drive and if it has internal apps that allow you to stream content without plugging in an external source device. Picture quality: A great mini projector should be able to produce a reasonably bright, high-definition image, so we looked for models with at least a p resolution and a stated brightness around lumens knowing that the real-world number would likely be less.

We looked for projectors that are battery powered and are at least small and light enough to carry between rooms and put in a backpack. So we set the following criteria during our evaluations: User interface: We looked for projectors that had well-designed menus that made it easy to switch between various inputs and adjust projector settings.

If the projector had internal apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, we made sure that those apps were as easy to use as the mobile and desktop versions and that they receive regular updates. Control options: At minimum, the remote included with the projector should have buttons for power, source selection, and volume that actually work. The ZTE Spro 2 measures 5. Small stature aside, the ZTE is full of features, including a five-inch touchscreen with p, 2. The ZTE supports anywhere between a 20 to inch or a nearly foot viewable screen with DLP digital light processing.

The projector also has JBL speakers that offer great sound quality.

The 9 Best Mini-Projectors: Home Theater, HD, and DLP

Pico projectors have improved their brightness, battery time, and picture quality, but few have much as much thought and hardware into the speaker as this new product by Anker. The Nebula Capsule is a truly portable entertainment option, with an Amazon Alexa-style, degree omnidirectional speaker. The cylindrical seamless aluminum body combines the speaker and the projector in a portable and durable design. The picture remains vivid and clear up to inches. This smart mini-projector really is a great option for anyone who wants a device they can grab and go to bring a full cinematic experience with them in their backpack.

The 4. While the wireless options require an Android device or Windows operating system hardware, Apple is limited by design , additional options include Bluetooth streaming for sound directly to a Bluetooth-compatible sound system home theater setup, headphones or even a soundbar for an all-around projecting experience.

The 2. The native x resolution and , Home theaters are really all about impressing your friends and neighbors, right? So if you have the means to splurge, spring for this Epson Home Theater Projector that boasts 2, lumens, 2. The Lens Memory feature lets you default to a cinemascope-type widescreen instead of a It also handles 4K content with aplomb and is compatible with High Dynamic Range HDR content, delivering a wide range of brightness levels with dramatic darks and blacks.

That makes it perfect for projection in all sorts of environments, from dark basements to bright sunrooms. When it comes to projectors, contrast ration is a major factor. The P is one of the brightest pico projectors on the market, with lumens and a solid The P also has a short throw distance. You can place the projector as close as four feet from the screen and still get a decently large and bright picture.

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This makes it a great projector for business and gaming alike. The P has a removeable battery pack that lasts about an hour. Alternatively, you can keep it plugged in via HDMI.

Sony’s pico projector makes a big, bright picture

Unlike most other small projectors, the P comes with a remote, which lets you adjust volume and switch inputs, among other things. Honestly, could there be a cuter projector? The cube shape, however, makes it not so pocket-friendly.