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Mozilla Firefox and Dual Monitors: No More Problems

Another problem - windows do not fit the monitor resolution. It means that Firefox windows do not change a resolution automatically when it moving from higher-resolution display to display with lower-resolution. Users can resolve these problems with help of Actual Multiple Monitors. Now all of the following settings will work only for Firefox windows. To eliminate problem with discrepancy a window resolution repeat steps listed above, or use a previously created rule if you already create rule for Firefox.

Actual Multiple Monitors software users can solve problems of Firefox on dual monitor , and also eliminate same problems with any software when it used on multiple monitors.

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Learn how to split the desktop either single- or multi-monitor into multiple non-intersecting areas for better windows allocation. Learn how to create and manage virtual desktops independently on each monitor in a multiple display environment. All other apps open in primary. If Firefox is maximized then make the window smaller and drag that window over to the correct monitor and close Firefox to save that setting.

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If you see that Firefox 3. I have ther same issue and I have tried several, try hundreds of times to get it to go back to the original monitor and I have arrived on the conclusion that it just won't unless I unplug the second monitor and relaunch the app several times. I'm running a MacBook Pro with a 2. I finally deleted Firefox and started over. Either fix it or lose me as a user. I'm done!

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This can be a problem with the file localstore. Delete localstore. See http: Modified February 16, at I guess those of us that don't want to run the betas will have to wait about 5 weeks for the FF 14 to get released. But at least it will be [and hopefully stay that way] fixed! After two days of working fine it has reverted to the same old problem. The first window upon launch and ALL new ones now open on the laptop's screen.

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Nothing changed with the FF or OS versions. Tried switching it to the external monitor with drag, maximize, close - no joy. I'm back to wishing for a preference setting to lock MY preference rather than accepting FF's flawed preference. It has now magically returned to proper behavior. Nothing was changed.

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So this is what insanity feels like. Modified June 14, at 6: I first started experiencing this issue when I upgraded to FF12 and it now continues with my additional upgrade to FF When I first upgraded, I was using The piece I want to add, that I haven't seen addressed here, is that while links within emails and webpages only open new windows in the primary laptop window, clicking on links from the bookmarks toolbar do correctly open within the secondary aux.

Home Support Forum Firefox Always opens in main monitor. Support Forum. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. Chosen solution I've updated to the Beta version of FF14 and now the bug is fixed. Read this answer in context 1.

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FF always opens in 2nd monitor

Application User Agent: Tristan C. See also: Helpful Reply I restored my version to 11 and everything works as it was before. I also tried the 13b version of Firefox, same issue.