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How small is that? Most impressive, but how does it look? Easy Export will probably be the favorite new feature of most editors for its ease of use and time savings. There are three new aspects of the Easy Export feature that significantly enhance productivity and flexibility. You can assign multiple settings right from this interface, as well.

You can, for instance, do any of the following or more with the click of a button: Then of course, you can make them available via the Share interface.

Final Cut Pro 7 is Officially DEAD!

That's right—you can burn a Blu-ray disc directly from within Final Cut Pro 7. The downside is that Apple as of this writing still doesn't sell a Blu-ray capable SuperDrive, so you have to get a third-party drive.

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DVDs and Blu-ray have a limited slate of templates to choose from, but you can at least assign custom graphics with alpha for background, logo, and title graphics, and even generate a chapter menu. Another significant catch—this is the only Blu-ray support offered in the entire Final Cut Studio suite.

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DVD Studio Pro does not support Blu-ray in any fashion, and gets only the smallest of increments—from version 4. It does not support Blu-ray authoring, encoding, or burning. Easy Export is powerful, convenient, and useful, but that is the extent of Blu-ray support in this release. Considering that Adobe has offered Blu-ray authoring support on Intel Macs for two years, this is a startling hole in Final Cut Studio's capabilities. Final Cut Pro even takes advantage of Compressor clusters to accelerate the process.

What if you could send the live output of your edit session to someone over iChat?

Now you can. This has been possible in the past with an AJA Io or similar device, or with a second Mac and a DV hardware codec, but now it is possible with no additional hardware from within Final Cut Pro 7. Of course, how well this works is entirely dependent on how fast your outbound internet connection is.

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  6. And of course, their download speed has to at least match that—they have to be able to catch as fast as you can pitch. The clever new iChat Theater capability allows you to share the Canvas or Browser as a video feed for a video chat over iChat. This is the view that the editor guy in the hat sees. A new interface for the Change Speed window lets you set Ease In and Ease Out and has an option that lets you keep the timeline from rippling so you can doodle without pushing the rest of your timeline further down the sequence, which would mess up your audio sync.

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    Also, a new interface element gives you keyframes in the timeline and a graphic display of how stretched your video is in time. You can either drag stretch for constant speed changes, or set keyframes for variable speed changes, right in the timeline. However, you can always run the clip through Motion for more accurate control and smoother results. Final Cut Pro 7 now supports native editing of this format—you can import it and edit it directly in its native file format as it was captured , rather than having to import and wait for it to transcode to ProRes before it is editable in Final Cut Pro.

    Native support also includes RT Extreme acceleration for real time transitions and effects. Alpha Transitions: Alpha transitions are scene transitions that use an animated graphic element with a matte or alpha channel, thus the name to do a wipe between two shots. New Timecode window: Previously only available as a third-party option, now you can display a resizable floating window that shows the timecode.

    This is ideal for that client on the couch in the back of the room.

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    Improved Markers: You can now color-code your clip and sequence markers, search and jump to them, and add information to them as the clip plays, and more. Automatic Transfer: XDCAM and P2 footage now optionally copies to designated scratch directories as soon as the media is detected, and custom metadata can be added automatically via a new Log and Transfer window.

    Footage can start importing as soon as media is connected, which opens the door to faster, more efficient workflows as well as potentially automated workflows. New Redcode Log and Transfer options: When importing Redcode via Log and Transfer, you can transcode to any of the ProRes flavors on import, or just import it as native. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Sep 13, 3: Page content loaded.

    Sep 13, 3: Sep 13, 5: And you might be lucky to find FCP 7 available at bhphoto. Even though Apple re-issued it, many retailers have already sold out, and aren't taking more orders videoguys. FCP 7 has been discontinued, and mainly re-released for large volume clients. But search and see what you can find. Find a place offering it, and it is definitely an illegal operation. Sep 14, 7: FCS3 is not listed on apple.

    Easy Export

    I was just looking over my box of disks to see if I could find a part number for you but it's a Not For Resale unit. I haven't opened that box in more than two years. It's ancient. Sep 14, 9: Sep 14, I bought final cut studio about a week before X came out. I have switch to Adobe and don't plan on using final cut again. I would like to sell my final cut.

    If I find a buyer and uninstall will my disk set work for another user? It would be a shame for the set to remain unused. Sep 15, 1: Sep 15, Brown In response to Ian R. I am sure you are right about FCS 3 being a good product. The problem is, that to me at least, it doesn't make a lot of sense learning and using a program that is no longer supported.

    New ProRes flavors

    So when Adobe made an offer that was too good to pass up, I took advantage of it. I am a long time photoshop user and I like the way all of the suite programs inter act. The other thing that scared me off was Lion.