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If you need a Y-cable to connect to an older computer, this model should do. Other than that, it's mostly the availability and the price that give the GP65NB60 its edge—this model is almost always cheaper, and it's available from Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members, unlike our runner-up. This design is not as convenient to see or use as a top-mounted light and button, but we had no problems ejecting discs during our tests. The GP65NB60 is coated in a shiny plastic that picks up fingerprints and dust. It seems like it would scratch easily, but in our tests it survived quite a few stuffed-backpack trips unscathed.

LG covers the drive with a one-year warranty. If speed is a concern for frequent Blu-ray ripping or writing tasks, you should get our runner-up Blu-ray pick or invest in a dedicated internal Blu-ray drive for a desktop computer; otherwise, for reading Blu-rays and DVDs, and occasionally burning either one, this Pioneer drive is the best option. In our tests, the Pioneer could get pretty noisy when ripping and burning discs, but it was a little quieter when playing a movie.

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The drive has a clamshell lid rather than a tray-loading design—when you press the Open button located on the top rather than the front of the drive, the top opens like a car hood to let you insert or remove a disc. If our top pick for DVD drives sells out or jumps in price, you could buy the LG SP80NB80 and get the same performance and a slightly better design, though at a price that fluctuates and sometimes requires paying a shipping fee.

In our tests, it read and wrote DVDs at roughly the same speeds as our top pick, often within just seconds. Its matte surface is a bit more attractive and less scratch-prone than that of our top pick, and its Micro-USB connection, rather than Mini-USB, means that most owners would rarely be stuck without a cable nearby or, at the least, available at a drugstore. In our tests, it was about 30 percent faster—or roughly 15 minutes faster per disc—than the Pioneer at ripping Blu-rays. It was a couple of minutes faster at writing Blu-rays, too.

Can someone recommend an external blu-ray writer for my iMac?

The LG drive is about half an inch wider and longer than the Pioneer drive, and it weighs about a tenth of a pound more. Windows 7 and earlier can play DVDs just fine without additional software, but not Blu-ray discs. To play Blu-ray discs legally on a Mac or a Windows PC, you need to purchase software that licenses those codecs. The CyberLink software included with our favorite DVD and Blu-ray drives is a decent option—more of a small trash-can fire—for Windows users, and similar alternatives exist for people running macOS. You can find many free programs that bypass the DRM digital-rights management on DVD and Blu-ray discs—encryption designed to prevent you from copying the content from the discs, or even playing them on certain screens—such as MakeMKV or VLC , but none of those options, whether free or paid, are legal to use in the US.

Macworld also addresses some common questions about the legality and morality of DVD ripping in this helpful explainer. The LG GP70NS50 burned and ripped DVDs at about the same speeds as other drives we tested in , but it currently costs more than our picks, and its silver paint scratched a few times in our travels. The built-in Y-cable is worth paying for only to someone who travels a good deal with a low-power laptop.

This model ripped and burned at roughly the same speeds in our tests, but the USB connection felt loose, and we could feel the components of the drive shifting inside the case.

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If you were buying a Dell laptop and needed an external drive mostly for reading discs, this model would not be a bad add-on purchase, but you can do better otherwise. We also encountered several errors when trying to play DVDs that worked without issue on the other drives.

How To Play a Blu Ray on Mac [2012]

Blu-ray Disc recordable speed , Wikipedia, August 24, Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Our pick. Buy from Amazon. Everything we recommend Our pick. Michael Hession The most important features for an optical drive are speed, size and weight, and noise.

Read and write capability: Theoretically, a 6x Blu-ray drive, for example, should need only a USB 2. In practice, however, the USB 3. Most affordable models use USB 2.

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  5. The figure to the right shows the difference in spot size between a Blu-ray laser and standard DVD recording laser. The smaller, tighter Blu-ray spot size means more spots data can be recorded to the disc resulting in data capacities of 25GB and 50GB per Blu-ray disc.

    The Best External Optical Drives for DVDs and Blu-rays

    Toast 12 Titanium manages all Blu-ray recording functions for the drive and incorporates a special feature called Toast Dynamic Writing. When used with a Blu-ray rewritable disc BD-RE , Toast Dynamic Writing lets you use your Blu-ray Disc recorder like a giant hard disk drive — drag and drop directly onto the disc icon to add or remove files. Blu-ray burning is here today.

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    Toast 12 Titanium also includes comprehensive backup software which allows for manual, as well as scheduled backups to your MCE Blu-ray Internal Recordable Drive. It will even automatically manage disc spanning should all your data not fit on one disc. Baseline specifications for recordable media are as follows: Author Professional Blu-ray Movies As high definition HD has become the new standard for video, and Blu-ray Disc has won the high-definition format war for storing HD content, it's more important than ever to be able to author professional-quality Blu-ray discs.

    That's right, you can now easily burn a Blu-ray disc directly from Final Cut Pro 7 or later as well as from Compressor 3. Quickly add a menu to your disc by choosing one of the beautiful Apple-designed HD templates or, to achieve a specific look, import and use third-party or custom templates. Use your own graphics for backgrounds and titles, as well.

    MCE Internal 16X Blu-ray Recordable Drive for Mac Pro and Power Mac

    Adobe Encore CS5 software is the key. Use the same Encore interface and features to author and deliver commercial-quality titles on both standard-definition DVD and high-definition Blu-ray Disc. Or author a high-definition Blu-ray Disc project and, with one click, create a finished standard-definition DVD project. Encore CS5 enhances your workflow by outputting to Blu-ray discs, even if you're editing with an alternative editing software such as one of Avid's professional editing tools.

    Blu-ray movies created using either software are playable on standard Blu-ray set top boxes as well as Sony Playstation 3 game consoles. Included with your MCE 14X Blu-ray Recordable drive is Mac Blu-ray Player software that allows you to watch commercial Blu-ray titles as well as your own authored Blu-ray movies directly within the Mac operating system.