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It is called content control. In Word the easiest way to do what you want is to click on the Review tab in the ribbon, then click the Protect Document button and select "Restrict Formatting and Editing". Make the changes you want in the side bar that appears. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can I lock or make uneditable portions of a word document? Ask Question. Thank you. Open word options, then click the check-box in the Popular section. With your template open, navigate to the Developer tab. Click the Protect Document button.

You should see a sidebar. Found the icon in Windows Explorer and manually turned it off then thinking I may have accidentally previously clicked this icon turning it on when actually trying to change the view options. Noting all folders in Windows Explorer remain set to read only. Have just tested turning the preview pane back on. Word documents did not revert to read only. However the issues with password protected Excel files returned.

Turning preview pane off cured this. I just updated my mac to El Capitan and downloaded the latest version of office. Now all the sudden I have read only?

Please help! Lisa comment July 29 , I did what you said still my folder was read only, but the info inside the folder was not read only. So I took my data out of the folder and deleted the folder. Everything now works OK. Maybe it has something to do with creating a folder. Hope this hels others. When I uncheck "read only" in the Microsoft Office folder, every time I go back,it instantly shows that box checked again. It will not stay in checked. Microsoft published steps to resolve this, but they are so convoluted I didn't bother. I recently upgraded to windows 10 and the most recent version of word.

Not sure which caused the problem. But all my word and excel, files are all read only now. The only way I can fix it is creating new files copy and paste. Very frustrating I have a lot files. I wish Microsoft would address this I am learning that this has been happening for at least the last 5 years. I've decided to keep Windows 10 on my stand-by laptop to get used to how it works and to monitor its progress as an OS. Since posting my previous comment, my main computer desktop has been reverted to Windows 7 because I can't afford the time to figure out what the problem is with the read-only glitch.

That reversion cost me all my up-to-the-minute files my backup was a week old because when I tried to back up my files, the error message kept saying it didn't recognize my DVD-R or DVD-RW disk whether I formatted them or not, and I had no choice but to do a System Recovery. Hence, I am now shopping for an Apple computer which I will buy and transition to the alien to me OS over a period of time in order to get used to it. My brother uses an Apple and doesn't regret making the move after 6 years. I should have listened to the advice of many who said I should wait about 6 months to upgrade to Windows 10 in order for Microsoft to iron out the immediate bugs.

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If you are a Windows devotee I suggest you follow that advice. I've been using Windows since the Millennium edition was released and I've had it with Microsoft. I have had the same problem after upgrading to Windows All the files in a particular folder are suddenly Read-only. Something is amiss. I use Office and recently upgraded to Windows 10 and suddenly my files are "read-only" when I go to save them. I've used the standard methods presented here ad-nauseum and to no avail.

I get a pop-up message which reads: To save a copy, click okay, then give the workbook a new name in the Save As dialog box. I realize that's an Excel extension but the problem exists with Word as well. I'm fed up with the default answer from techs which is to follow the same procedure even after many, many users say that doesn't solve the problem. I'm an intermediate user and take very good care of my four computers.

Why should I have to pay to fix something they screwed up? In addition to the steps below, I've found I had to click on "Advanced" and click off "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties". Sometimes my docs are still read-only if I open them. To resolve this, I can just close them and open them a second time.

It's bizarre but, these steps seem to have worked to an extent.

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Thanks, MooreSand, your fix is working great so far. I will just reiterate this for Windows 8: Open "This PC" previously "My Computer" - if you can't find it, open any folder and look at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Open the C: Open the "Program Files" folder. Find the "Microsoft Office" folder and right click on it to get a drop-down menu. Click on "Properties. At the bottom of "General" look for "Attributes" and unselect the "Read-only" option. Click "Apply". Click "OK". I have had this problem for a long time. I don't have a solution but a way to cope with it.

MS Office Word for Mac documents are Read-Only.

I copy the document, no matter how long it is, and paste it into a blank Word page. This way I get a new editable version.

Can't save files because they're marked read only when they aren't - MS Office Word & Excel (Fix)

It is a low-tech approach but it has helped me for years. I use Windows 10 on a pc. Thanks to some of the other tips I tried opening Word, then open the document from within Word and that worked.

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It was no longer Read Only. Before, I had been opening the document from Windows Explorer. I found a fix that is so simple it makes me sick that I spent an hour trying to figure out how to stop the automatic "read only. Click on the MS button on the lower left hand side of your screen. Click on "All Programs. Find the Micro Soft Office Folder 4. Right click on the folder 5. At the bottom of "General" look for Attributes and click off the Read-only file 7.

Set or clear read-only status

Click OK 9. On windows 7 there is a built-in remedy! Follow the instructions and all will be solved I've just done it and it works. Unfortunately changing the read-only on folder doesn't help, please ignore my previous words;. In my case Win 7 64bit, Word the problem was that containing folder was read-only btw while my word file wasn't - which was misleading. I suddenly experienced the same problem on my Mac using a office program. As soon as I removed the slash the file would open correctly. I'm having this problem for the first time - in January I'm using Microsoft Word for Mac , Version I'm using Yosemite Not only do documents spontaneously turn into Read Only files - they also spontaneously turn into Web Files.

The only solution other than stop buying and using Microsoft products is to turn off the preview pane. It's unfortunate because I often use the preview pane to help me determine which file I want to open. Okay so I was thinking of making a word document on the school's laptop and leave some things in it. So i made a folder and made a Microsoft Word document and i type ' It could happen for big files, if the file is previewed in explorer. Try to click "examination panel", in the upper right corner of the explorer window.

It affects Word for Mac, not just Windows. I haven't had it happen very often, just enough to be mildly annoying. I'm using Word with OS None of the reasons suggested here are causing the problem. I'm just using the work-around of saving the file with a different name.

I use Word and the same bug happens to me. I have not found a way to cure it but get round it by using 'Save As' and adding a suffix usually just a space and the letter 'a'. I then delete the original read-only file and change the name of the new file by removing the suffix. All fine, until it happens again, and then I have to repeat the process. I had this read-only problem when trying to install PerfectIt2. It would not install and Daniel Heumann finally found the problem. Read-only was the culprit.

It's not a fault with the Preview panel. I never have my Preview panel enabled and I keep facing this problem. Strangely, it only happens when accessing documents through a shared drive, and not on my local HDD. I was having large Word docs mysteriously come up read-only in seemingly random fashion. I think it was my virus package Comodo locking the doc against edit during its on-activation scan -- some kind of race condition with my large doc that left the doc locked after the scan.

When a doc is left locked in this way, it comes up "read-only". When I added the doc's folder to Comodo's "don't scan" list, the problem went away. Thanks to naveen 02 Jul , I'm using Windows 7. Wasted an entire morning tearing my hair out until I found this tip.

The problem I had is open a word file and it opens in read-only mode - even if the read-only option is unchecked before. In my case I found the problem to be in the folder preview. If you have the preview section enabled in the folder, and if the word file is selected it is previewd then if you open it, it open as read only no matter if this option is already unchecked. The solution is change the view in the folder so that you dont have the preview section. This problem still exists in Word Why are old problems allowed to persist in new software when the publisher obviously knows it is there?

This problem can lead to lost data, lost time, and a lot of stress. Dear Microsoft FIX IT! Sara Pennny's answer is the only one that worked for me. I pasted it below. I 'searched' for "document library preview panel" on my computer and a bunch of files came up from files I didn't even know I had. I deleted them, thenn emptied the recycle bin and low and behold I could open documents without that awful "read-only" message.

Thanks Sara. Sara Penny 30 Sep , I figured it must have something to do with that, because Explorer wouldn't let me delete or rename the duplicate files I was forced to make - it told me they were still open in Word when Word wasn't even open. Evidently the preview panel thinks its Word itself. Get the latest 14 Feb Microsoft Windows 7 service update and the problem is fixed; at least it has been for me I have tried saving it with another name, but it doesn't allow you to. If I save it as a Word , it usually does.

Then you wonder what changes it made by saving it as an earlier version. I my opinion, windows previews the file before you click on it to open. When you do click on it. Windows is still 'reading' the file similar to another networked user viewing it at the same time as you. Hence the local copy only opens up. This is a windows read problem. MS Word spontaneous "read only" Whooppeeeeee! Am I imagining things or has the latest Microsoft Windows 7 service update finally fixed this most irritating problem Yes, it's very random in turning docs both in Word and Excel read only.

Where is the MS Website for feedback? This happens to me all the time at work and it drives me bonkers. Very annoying. I suddenly started having this problem and none of the suggested tips worked until I hid the "document library preview panel" as suggested above.

Now, you will be able to save your file. We too are experiencing this issue, it is primarily with documents that started their lives as a Word or earlier version but now are being used in a Word format. The documents will behave normally often for many revisions, then out of the blue the document will "suddenly" turn "Read-Only".

This is sporadic but somewhat prevalent. We instruct our users to save to "new" version as to not lose any changes, but having to management duplicate copies is less than efficient. Any resolution would be greatly appreciated. Currenly we are in a Windows XP environment, soon to move to Windows 7. It seems that the problem is in the document library preview panel which opens documents for viewing temporarily. Hide the preview panel in the top right corner of the document library and all read only docs will open normally.

I've been having this problem with Win XP too, so it's not just a Windows 7 problem. Just that you know. I write notes for my students with screenshots in them - sometimes ver large files.