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You can change settings by selecting the setting in the Printer Settings list: Driver and software Uninstalling the printer driver You can uninstall the printer driver that you installed with the following steps. Drag all these following files in the Extensions folder to the trash. This printer has an Automatic Emulation Selection feature. When the printer receives data from the computer, it automatically chooses the emulation mode. This feature has been set at the factory to ON. The LED indications shown in the table below are used in the illustrations in this chapter.

Control panel Printer status Sleep mode The power switch is off or the printer is in Sleep mode. Pressing the Go button wakes up the printer from Sleep mode to Ready mode. Ready to print The printer is ready to print. Warming up The printer is warming up. Control panel Printer status Toner life end Replace the toner cartridge with a new one.

See Replacing the toner cartridge on page Cartridge position error The toner cartridge is not installed correctly. Take out the toner cartridge and put it back into the printer again. Control panel Printer status Front cover is open Close the front cover of the printer.

Back cover is open Close the back cover of the printer. Paper jam Clear the paper jam. See Paper jams and how to clear them on page If the printer does not start printing, press the Go button. Control panel Service call indications If there is an error that cannot be cleared by the user, the printer will show that a service call is needed by lighting up all the LEDs as shown below.

If you see the service call indication above, turn off the power switch, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on and try to print again. Control panel Table 1: Control panel Control panel button Go button The control panel button has the following functions: Wake-up If the printer is in Sleep mode, press the Go button to wake the printer up and go to the Ready state. Error recovery If there is an error, the printer will recover automatically from some errors.

Control panel Print a test page You can use the Go button or the printer driver to print a test page. Using control panel button Turn off the printer. Make sure that the front cover is closed and the power cord is plugged in. Hold down the Go button as you turn on the power switch. Control panel Print a Printer Settings page You can print the current settings using the control panel button or printer driver. Using the control panel button Make sure that the front cover is closed and the power cord is plugged in.

Turn on the printer and wait until the printer is in the Ready state. Using the control panel button Turn off the printer. Press the Go button six times. Make sure that all the LEDs light up to indicate the print server has been reset to its default factory settings.

Turn off the printer. Routine maintenance You will need to replace certain parts and clean the printer regularly. Routine maintenance Toner cartridge The life of the original toner cartridge that came with the printer may be either a starter or standard toner cartridge, and depends on the model and country you bought the printer in. Routine maintenance Toner Life End message If the LED shows the message below, the printer has run out of toner or the toner is not evenly distributed inside the cartridge.

When you want to buy toner cartridges, call the dealer you bought the printer from or Brother Customer Service. If toner cartridges are left unpacked for a long time the toner life will be shortened. Routine maintenance Put the new toner cartridge firmly into the drum unit until you hear it lock into place. If you put it in properly, the lock lever will lift automatically.

Routine maintenance Drum unit This printer can print up to 12, pages with one drum unit. The actual number of printed pages will vary depending on the average type of print job and paper. Routine maintenance Replacing the drum unit Note We recommend that you clean the printer when you replace the drum unit.

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See Cleaning on page Follow these steps to replace the drum unit. Make sure that the printer is turned on and the Drum LED is blinking. Routine maintenance Put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly in the printer. Close the front cover. Make sure that the Drum LED is now off. Routine maintenance Cleaning Clean the outside and inside of the printer regularly with a dry, lint-free cloth.

When you replace the toner cartridge or the drum unit, make sure you clean the inside of the printer. If printed pages are stained with toner, clean the inside of the printer with a dry, lint-free cloth. Routine maintenance Wipe the outside of the printer with a soft cloth to remove dust. Remove anything that is stuck inside the paper tray.

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Wipe the inside of the paper tray with a soft cloth to remove dust. Put the paper tray firmly back in the printer. Plug the printer back in and turn on the printer power switch. Routine maintenance Open the front cover of the printer. Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Wait for the printer to cool down before you touch the internal parts of the printer. Routine maintenance Cleaning the corona wire If you are experiencing print quality problems, please clean the corona wire as follows: Open the front cover of the printer. Routine maintenance Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the blue tab from right to left and left to right several times.

If you do not, printed pages may have a vertical stripe. Troubleshooting You can correct most problems by yourself. Visit us at http: Identifying your problem First, check the following: Take the corrective actions listed in the following table for the error message that the Status Monitor reports. The default setting for the Status Monitor is off. If you would like to turn the status monitor on, you can change the setting of the Status Monitor in the Device Options of the Advanced tab. Troubleshooting Error message printout The printer will report problems by printing an error message as defined in the following table.

Take the corrective actions for the error message. Cancel the print job if you want to delete the data remaining in the printer, see Cancel printing on page Troubleshooting Paper handling First, make sure that you are using paper that meets Brother recommended paper specifications. See What kind of paper can I use? If the paper is paper. Troubleshooting Paper jams and how to clear them If a paper jam occurs, the printer will tell you by flashing the paper LED as shown below. When you open the front cover or back cover of the printer, never touch the shaded parts shown in the illustrations.

Troubleshooting Pull the jammed paper up and out of the printer. Open the front cover. Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly slowly. The jammed paper will be pulled out with the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Troubleshooting Open the back cover. Pull the tab toward you to open the rear chute cover. Rear Chute Cover Pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit.

If the jammed paper cannot be pulled out easily, push down the tab with one hand as you gently pull the paper out with other. Close the back cover. Push the lock lever down and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit. Troubleshooting Put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back in the printer. Make sure that the Paper LED is now off and the printer is ready. There Check that the printer cable is not damaged or broken.

Clean the drum unit as follows: Position the print sample in front of the drum unit, and find the exact 75 mm Put in a new drum unit. See page See Cleaning the inside of the printer on page Put in a new toner cartridge.

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We recommend you use a parallel or it prints garbage data. Appendix Important information for choosing your paper This section provides information to help you choose paper to use with this printer. Note If you use paper other than the ones recommended, a paper jam or misfeeding may occur in the printer. See Recommended paper on page Appendix Print surface The characteristics may differ a little between the face side and reverse side of a sheet of paper. Usually, the opening side of the ream of paper package is the print side. Follow any indication of the print side on the paper package.

Appendix Paper size Paper size 8. Letter 8. Legal 7. Envelope Monarch 3. Envelope 9 4. How to use the Web browser To use the Web browser, follow the steps below. For technical and operational help, you must call the country where you bought the printer. Calls must be made from within that country. Register your product By registering your Brother product, you will be recorded as the original owner of the product. Your registration with Brother: Before you use this product, make sure that you use the following interface cables.

A shielded parallel interface cable with twisted-pair conductors and that it is marked "IEEE compliant". The label shown below is attached in countries where it is needed. You must install this printer near a power outlet that is easily accessible. In case of an emergency, you must disconnect the power cord from the power outlet to shut off the power completely.

Register your product By registering your product with Brother International Corporation, you will be recorded as the original owner of the product. Service center locations Canada only For the location of a Brother authorized service center, call BROTHER Brother fax back system USA only Brother has installed an easy to use fax back system so you can get instant answers to common technical questions and product information. Bridgewater, NJ Telephone: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: In case of an emergency, you must disconnect the AC power cord from the AC power outlet to shut off the power completely.

Index Accessory Index Scanner window C-2 Service centres Europe and other countries B-1 Software A-1 Support tab A-9 System requirements A-5 Toner cartridge Page of Go. Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 - Printing on thick paper, labels and enve Page 26 - Paper orientation for manual duplex prin Regulations Page - IEC specification to vo For visually-impaired users. You can read this User's Guide with Screen Reader 'text-to-speech'. Please read this User's Guide thoroughly before you use the printer. You can also read the User's Guide with.

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HTML format by visiting our web site at http: This keeps the printer from moving around if that DHCP address is reassigned while the printer is turned off. Remember this IP. In your favorite web browser, go to the web address for the printer in my case, http: Change the passwords. At first it seems that you need the password to change the password.

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However when you fail to log in you'll get a help screen explaining the default usernames and passwords. Delete annoying USB printer entry. Add network printer, using the IP address you remembered from step 2. For example: Adv Reply. September 26th, 2. Brother HLN network install Some have asked questions off-line, I'll try to summarize the answers here.

Why didn't I just scan for the printer on my LAN as part of the install process?

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I did. The problem is, the new printer, even though it gets an IP addr from DHCP, doesn't respond yet to queries on port The printer arrives in some kind of Demo mode, where you can hit the Go button and it prints a splash page. In this Demo mode, the printer doesn't respond to port yet.

My procedure allows you to set up and get the printer to print that important first page, resetting the Demo mode. After that, new Linux driver installs will auto-detect the printer. So, if you've already set up the printer under either Windoze or Linux, it will autodetect on a scan, but besides, you probably already know its IP anyway.

Why do I have to install Brother's propriety drivers? Can't I just copy the. Yes, you can do it that way. Configure HLN by right clicking and choose "settings" and then select "connection". Choose cups and type in your IP address from step 2. Why reserve lock the IP address of the printer in step 2?

Shouldn't you do that in the printer's Web setup, setting it to static? Setting it to static in the printer may guarantee it always comes up on that address, but it doesn't guarantee that the DHCP Server won't also give that address to another device, creating a conflict. November 22nd, 3. Brother HLN network install Nice howto! December 1st, 4. I incorporated your notes and correction into post 2 in this thread. December 1st, 5. I've gotten to the point where you select the printer and I send the test page to the printer.

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At that point the job just stays cued and does not print. I'm running the latest distrubution of Ubuntu on a Toshiba Laptop 3. The HlN is plugged directly into the Belken I'm not sure if I entered the IP address correctly. From the Desktop, Gnome? For the location, I just entered Thanks In Advance.

December 8th, 6. Brother HLN network install I've got the same problem as todomartinez. This guide is great as I could not find anywhere how to install the drivers properly. I add a new network printer and put in its IP address