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Let me point out a few possible errors. First, if you read the link you posted, you will learn that that Boot Camp Support Software 5. Next, using Mojave to create an ExFat partition will no longer automatically create a a hybrid partitioned disk. I didn't know that. My bad. Now I have to use the GPT fdisk to change the disk type or? Thanks for all the help! This article gives extensive detail on how to create Hybrid MBR partition: Ravenous Ravenous 36 2. I'll look into that since my OS is pretty new still. What I usually do is the following: Then use Bootcamp to install your Windows 7 as normal.

Upgrade OSX if you like. Problem Solved. DaveF DaveF 11 1. Doing so will completely erase your old copy of Windows 7 from the hard drive.

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Select an installation location, then click Next. Click the now-empty hard drive to select it as your installation location. Allow Windows 7 to install. This may take several minutes to an hour, depending on how fast your computer is. Your computer will restart multiple times during the installation process. Enter your preferred username, then click Next. Type your preferred username into the text field at the top of the window.


Create a password, then click Next. Fill out the following fields: Type a password recommended - Type in your preferred password. Retype your password - Re-type in your preferred password. Type a password hint - Create a password hint optional. Click Use recommended settings when prompted.

This will allow Windows to set up your security for you. Wait for Windows 7 to finish installing. Once Windows 7's installation is complete, you should be on the desktop. Sometimes, but not always. It may be more useful to contact your manufacturer for help. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Can I reinstall Windows without losing data if I don't have a backup?

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Yes, just don't click Delete when you have your partitions parts 3, 4, and 5 and continue, or try moving your files to a USB or a portable hard disk. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. The product key is specific to your copy of Windows to prevent software piracy. It can often be found on the computer's case or the sleeve that the CD initially came in.


Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. How do I install Windows 7 if it's restarting the computer and then restarting the installation? If you've already reinstalled Windows 7 and it's still trying to make you install it, make sure you remove the USB drive or DVD from your computer and boot from the hard drive instead. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. What should I do if I erased all of my data after forgetting my password and my laptop is now saying "Operating System not found"?

Installieren von Windows auf deinem neueren Mac mit Boot Camp

You will have to install Windows 7 again. Assuming you have an install media, you can just reinstall it. If not, borrow someone else's computer and create one. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If I install a different copy of Windows 7 with a different product key , will the computer have two versions of Windows then? No, it will overwrite the previous version of Windows 7 if you install it on the same partition. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. I have the product key on the back of my laptop.

Why doesn't Windows recognize it when I try to verify it? You can only download Windows with a product key if the system originally came from a disk.


Your copy of Windows was preinstalled, so you can't do that. You'll need to borrow someone else's key for the download. However, actually activating the system should be doable with your key. Unanswered Questions. Have original CD with new external drive. Notice the ISO image and partitioning are all on a single screen. El Capitan makes this a lot simpler. So how is this possible? Where is the Windows installer if there is no installation media? It places this partition right after the recovery partition, and before the Boot Camp partition, as shown below.

The command line make this really clear.

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Partition 1 is the standard EFI partition, partition 2 is the Mac partition, partition 3 is the Recovery partition. All standard stuff.