Internet speed very slow mac

The solution for me was to set the router to work on 40 MHz channels in the 5 GHz band ; before, it was set to Auto channel width, which makes it try using the 80 MHz width, and looks like the MacBook didn't like that. Interestingly, an iPhone 7 and iPad Pro had no trouble with it.

Some more context and info moved to a blog post. I had the exact same issue.

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internet speed so much faster on MAC OS... so slow using parallels

I went through every link on every result from Google by others who had this issue and nothing worked for me. A user in one of the Apple threads suggested creating a new user profile, because that had worked for them. When I created a new profile, I got an incessant popup that asked me to login to a VPN account I have NordVPN but it wasn't running at the time and I barely use it -- this popup was blocking my access to my wifi though! So I rebooted in safe mode and logged into the new profile.

Sure enough, the wifi was back to being fast. I looked up info about the popup and apparently it's another known issue on Macs, and the only solution is to uninstall the VPN. Then went back to my main profile to start the process of migrating that account data to the new account, only to notice that the wifi was back to being fast on my old profile too now! Try uninstalling your VPN. I have no idea what the problem was, but in the end, deleting my NordVPN app worked when none of the other solutions made any difference.

I had the same problems but eventually found the culprit - an app called Weather Underground. Deleted it and problem solved. Suggest installed apps are a good place to start resolving this problem. I have been seriously struggling with my WiFi every morning in my new office and could not figure out why. Speedtest was 'very slow' on my Macbook Pro and super quick on iPhone 8, it has been painful and driving me nuts!! It usually got quicker throughout the day, but unbearable in the morning.

I had no applications installed but there were about 4 files with name vpn in them in a resource folder within After Effects, I had no idea what they were but they were being modified constantly! I deleted them and boom, my internet went fine! Hope this helps someone and I hope that has fixed my issue for good. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. See screenshot here: IconDaemon Model of your Mac? Find yourself waiting forever for websites to load? Have problems with video calls, playing games or working online? Probably your internet needs a speed boost. But what can you do to ensure the best online experience? Read on and learn how to make internet faster and your online activities stress-free.

There are many different factors that could be slowing down your internet speed. Some of these things have nothing to do with your Mac at all like a router, some can be easily fixed through a simple action. However, no matter the reason, if your internet connection is slow, it may destroy your productivity.

How to speed up Internet on your Mac

This guide provides some of the common and the most helpful ways to make your internet faster. Try out these tricks to get a smooth web experience! If you keep asking yourself how to speed up your internet, first of all, test your speed. Then run one of the speed tests there are many of them available online, but one of the most popular is Speedtest. If they do match up, then your network is working fine and you just pay for the slow internet.

Why is my Mac So Slow all of a sudden?

However, if the numbers are different, read on to learn how to improve internet speed. Do you see a spinning beachball when you try to load web pages? It may not be clear whether the page is taking a long time to load or whether your connection is broken. To check it out, do the following:. If you have more than one Mac, check whether the internet connection is slow on each on them.

If you see the slowdown only on one computer, then most likely the problem lies in this particular Mac. For instance, it may have an unusually weak Wi-Fi connection. Wait a few seconds and turn it on.

These simple actions may fix your MacBook internet slow connection. Router issues can cause problems with the internet. If your internet is as slow when your smartphone or other device is connected to Wi-Fi, chances are, the trouble is not with your Mac.

Test Your Internet Speed

To fix the slow connection, try restarting your router. Simply turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again.

Make sure no objects will affect the signal, like microwaves and various metal things. Do you use Wi-Fi and notice that your Internet running slow?