How to get sidebar in itunes 11 on mac

We know that's going through the heads of many people who just downloaded iTunes The reality is that change is often great, but there is one thing we immediately missed in the new version of iTunes, and that's the sidebar.

Can't find Sidebar in iTunes 12? Here's how to Get it Back!

Fortunately, turning it back on is easy peasy. Note that our test system may show more or different columns than yours, but what you see in this screenshot is our iTunes 11 music library in "Songs" view, sorted by artist. The major difference from prior versions of iTunes is the lack of the sidebar that gave you quick access to all of your content.

Don't worry, it's still available! We just have to turn it on. They shall change it to what they feel is necessary!

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They are the most wise! If they changed they way that I do something it was because I was wrong to do it so! Thanks for saving my time Kirk. I have to use Windows at work and this just reminds me of the frustration experienced when that changed. Shame because Apple was nice and simple and are now in line with Windows as far as this goes anyway. Why, why why????

In iTunes 11, I can see both Tones and the iPhone in the sidebar. So I click Tones in the sidebar, see the ringtone, and drag it onto the iPhone in the sidebar.

How to enable Menu Bar and Sidebar in iTunes 11

Click on the iOS device in the top navigation bar, and that displays a sidebar showing the device, its contents, and gives you access to your iTunes library. I had it showing then it went away. Finally gave up and googled and found this article. Thank you!

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Thanks again. Yer kidding right? If you have an apple device you are just about forced to use iTunes. But iTunes is free.

Restore the traditional sidebar view in iTunes 11

My fat white ass it is. Yes, I tried it. Total waste of time. A bit late to the party but thanks for this tip which has been most helpful! Not freaking out so badly anymore: I am dumbfounded by how stupid the Apple GUI designers are. These idiotic changes just make the application more difficult to use.

Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave. I used to be a Mac fan. But, they have dumbed down their apps to the point of stupidity.

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WHAT can you use to ask your itunes to transfer purchase from your device without having the sidebar? Was struggling to get the sidebar back too. However, I wondered what would happen when I tried to drag some music from my music library towards the phone icon at the top left of the screen. As soon as I started to drag, the side bar for the phone appeared.

Just wish Apple would stop trying to determine exactly how people should think instead of letting us the paying customers use our gear the way we would like. Over recent years I have become more and more convinced that the major players in the computer industry have allowed themselves to become the tool that satisfies the over exaggerated egos of their own program writers. They are no longer interested in the needs of the consumer but more concerned with their own ability to write a more complicated and intricate program than that of their rivals at other companies regardless of the practical useability of their product.

The average Jo is not a computer wizkid, but just someone who has become reliant on the primary players to provide them with a simple but functional product that allows them to access their entertainment files with as little frustration as possible, this sadly is no longer the case and nobody in a position of responsibility gives a toss so unless you want to lose the whole of your user base totally, WAKE UP and start listening to the average user and not the self indulgent, egotistical techies.

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