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These shortcuts include layering, text, viewing and image handling.

Intersect with current selection. Merge visible layers. Create new empty layer with dialog. Alt-click New Layer button. Option-click New Layer button. Create new layer below target layer. Control-click New Layer button. Command-click New Layer button. Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer. Copy current layer to layer below. Copy all visible layers to active layer. Alt-click the eye icon. Option-click the eye icon.

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Toggle lock transparency for target layer, or last applied lock. Select all text; temporarily select Type tool. Double-click text layer thumbnail. Create a clipping mask. Alt-click the line dividing two layers. Option-click the line dividing two layers. Double-click the layer name.

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They just didn't have millions of people telling them what was wrong. They had to figure it out for themselves and fix it.

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I'll bet there was a lot of "back-and-forth" communication. When you modify any keyboard shortcut it automatically save the defaults and creates a new set. Or wait until a tech catches on to your problem and gives an alternate fix. Just a thought but what workspace are you in.

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  4. John Foscolos 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes. I tried changing the shortcut, but it does the same thing. It dublicates the whole layer not just the selection. Mike C 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Same issue. Duplicates the entire layer, not just the selection. Nothing seems to fix it. Photoshop CC version There's also a v20 now. Running v 20 and cant open new layer with selection.

    What OS? Anything special about the doc or layer that you're trying to jump a selection to a new layer from? Indexed color? F2 is the key.


    Making Copies of Layers in Photoshop

    Frank Visler 2 Posts 4 Reply Likes. I have some problem alike this.

    Photoshop duplicate layer shortcut

    When i open a photo via lightroom, I cant duplicate the layers in photoshop cc, not using ctrl - j or the menus all is greyed out. If i open the image via camera raw in PS , all is ok. View previous…. Hongs 5 Posts 1 Reply Like. Danny, Thanks for your words. Evelien Reuse 4 Posts 1 Reply Like.

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    That way the shortcuts keep working. I reached out to Adobe and complained about the issue and also referred to this topic. They only replied I should upvote the issue so the developers would prioritize the issue in the next update.. Different issue with current release Please reference the new conversation here: Commands disabled in Photoshop.

    Default keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop

    Veronica Contino 3 Posts 2 Reply Likes. Jeff Eppinette 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. All my menu options are no longer grayed out. Nico Kaiser 3 Posts 1 Reply Like. The best solution is to disable the startup page in Photoshop options! Daniela Contini 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. How far are we with this? I just updated my Lightroom CC to 8. See simple workarounds here: I'm not requesting a workaround, I want a FIX ;-.

    Default keyboard shortcuts

    Dennis Nisbet 59 Posts 38 Reply Likes. I am on Windows 10 and PS Latest version. I am having the same problem. I have to open Photoshop seperately then bring image in from lightroom. Paul Ferland 5 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Sarah 1 Post 0 Reply Likes.