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I had to use boot camp and now it works perfectly. You can buy a license key for windows 8. I can remember the name of the subreddit but just google windows license keys Reddit and you'll find it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

[Script] Everquest 2: Planes of Prophecy

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Trying to play EQ2 on Mac : EQ2

Hi, I've never really been a techie sort of person and I'm certainly not up-to-date on the latest apps for playing Windows games on Mac, but I'm just curious, are there any tutorials or maybe even a client that I can download and use to play EverQuest on my Mac? If neither of those exist, does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Daybreak doesn't like and looks for running EQ in a virtual machine. Stay safe and do it the proper way and use Boot Camp. Each intel based mac comes with a utility in your Utilities folder called "Boot Camp Assistant". This program will soft re-partition your hard drive to create a Windows drive and then download drivers specifically for your mac's hardware to customize Windows.

You will need your own copy of Windows 10 to do this older macs may let you use Windows 7 or 8. Then it will launch a Windows installer to finish the job. When your finished you'll have a computer that can flip flop between macOS and Windows. The windows side of things will be every bit a PC as a Dell, Acer, etc I play EQ this way on a Mac.

And yes it will also run EQ2, but you need some outrageous graphics hardware to turn EQ2s to maximum graphics. I think because the server population was tiny.

I went back the year before it shut down on a nostalgia trip until the next WoW expansion was released. The easiest route is by using something like Parallels to load up a Windows instance. I've had spotty luck with getting Wine to work. If both of those words, Parallels and Wine, are foreign to you, it's time to start some Google-fu!

If you have a more modern Mac, then Parallels will probably be the easiest option for you being tech illiterate.

EverQuest 2 - Part 1 - Getting Started - Character Creation - Shadowknight - Neriak Starting!

You can do a free trial on Parallels, though, so maybe you can check it out I think you can hop into Windows without a license up front too. Wine is free, but it takes a little bit of know-how to get running.

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There are bound to be tutorials out there on the web if you search using EQ and Wine. I recommend playing Project It is a sanctioned fan-run version of the game.

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I played it for a while last year. I played it exclusively on a Mac using a Wine skin. Ran ok. I highly recommend it.

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The community is wonderful and kept me playing much longer than I expected. Legally or illegally, lol. Do you think you could maybe point me in the right direction? Well, I can say that if you search for "project titanium ColossalGyro" in a google search box, you might find what you are looking for. I'd recommend Bootcamp for you since it's probably the least techie option and the only option that will let you play both EQ and EQ2.