Pdf on mac not working on windows

Screen Shot at 9. DanaB , Feb 2, Hi, Are you having an issue with all apps or just with the specific one? Maria Parallels , Feb 3, Hello, this now happens on all Windows apps. DanaB , Feb 3, Running latest Parallels desktop 12 for Mac with Windows 8. With Quickbooks I do a batch print report which generates 21 pdf files. If the printer is paused, I get all 21 queued.

Then if I resume the printer only a few show up as files on the desktop. If the printer is not paused, I get more but still not all.

This is a new problem, but I'm not sure exactly what has changed, probably just the BillS1 , Feb 4, Raj Parallels , Feb 5, I am running OS X I am pretty sure that I could print before the If I had the prior BillS1 , Feb 5, Maria Parallels , Feb 6, I do not understand your question since it is a Window printer. Now only a few appear, most never show up.

Then if I resume that printer the queue is drained without all the print jobs appearing on my Mac. Something has changed in the latest update to cause this problem. BillS1 , Feb 6, Printer not working any longer since Conflict with driver, how can I install driver , that was working with MichaelR18 , Feb 17, PaulChris Parallels , Feb 17, I'll continue to use it for now.

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What Makes a Great PDF Editor?

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How to combine PDF files

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Why can't I open a PDF

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