Write to ntfs on mac 10.8

Don't tempt fate: Yes, there is a possibility that corruption or damage could occur It is a very robust and well fleshed out driver package. In all honesty Another way by iBlacky The behavior is erratic — files are sometimes unable to open or save, render files are unrecognized, etc.


NTFS Write Support On OS X Mountain Lion

Using nano to do this is not safe. You more accurately should have said: It is easy to make a mistake editing fstab by hand and can cause significant problems, so if you are not familiar with it, you should probably use vifs" or something to that effect. Using nano or better, vi regular vi or vim, that is to edit fstab is perfectly safe if you know what you are doing. A blanket "using nano to edit fstab is not safe" is not correct.

It is only unsafe if you don't know what you are doing.

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The original comment is correct: This is because vifs includes some file-locking functionality to prevent simultaneous edits. Put that it in your.

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You both happy now? I still disagree however. How many people besides me are ever going to be logged into my machine as root and updating fstab at the same time? I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. I grew up on Solaris and I'm not as old as you think; I only started when Solaris 9 was around. There is no vifs on Solaris. Not even in Solaris NB fstab on Solaris is called vfstab. Same answer. It doesn't happen. Don't worry though, nobody's confused here! And for anyone who's familiar with what they're doing, I'd personally recommend not bothering with a custom and unnecessary tool like vifs.

Whatever will they do when they get on a server that doesn't have vifs at all, like Solaris? They won't ever be able to update vfstab!

Interesting about the locking feature though, I do admit. Entirely superfluous of course, but interesting nonetheless. I did loads of research into this and this works great and is free and easy!! I had just followed above steps and it worked perfected. Thank you guys!! The method is good and fast enough. But it is not stable. Last time I tried to use my external drive with 2 NTFS partitions, I got that Spotlight freezed and when I tried to remove the drive the system crashed with message that I need to hold the power button to reboot my MacBook Pro Not so good.

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Before that native NTFS write support maked contents of whole directory unreachable. I had to use chkdsk to fix the issue. It took 3 hour of my time I think it's better to use ntfs-3g. It's not so fast. But it's more stable. I 've tried this one for my external ntfs hd. But same errors are also occuring if you ignore macfuse ntfs-3g's warnings and mount a hd with dirty bit.

Enabling NTFS Support On OSX - Apple Community

I also tried it to find out what kind of errors can possibly occur. I hope someday ms starts to use hfs: When I run the diskutil command, here's what I get. Can I use the Device Identifier or Node instead? Device Identifier: Untitled 1 Volume Name: Yes Mount Point: None Partition Type: Not bootable Media Type: Generic Protocol: Not Supported Total Size: Not Applicable Read-Only Media: No no filesystem Ejectable: Yes Whole: No Internal: I am using Mac OS. X vs However, upon reinstalling macfuse and ntfs 3g, i can now not write to my NTFS drive at all.

The permissions used to say custom where as now they say read only. I have uninstalled and reinstalled macfuse and ntfs 3g several times and no luck. Furthermore if I try to mount it using the terminal I get the following error: Invalid argument Failed to startup volume: The volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which could be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.

Please help.

Edited on Oct 01, '10 It is not stable. I used this to just connect up my old PC's hard drive to access the files. It worked for about two days, where I could read and write. When this is done you press Escape and then type: If you want easier access to the volume, try this: Drag the drive to the left bar in the Favorites section. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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