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These include:. Basically, the only reason you should consider CS2 now is if you had previously bought that version of Photoshop, use it on a Mac, and are willing to keep that Mac at a much earlier version of MacOS—prior to OS X Unfortunately, keeping your operating system rolled back to this extent MacOS is now one Then you can check out the CS2 and Acrobat 7 both are required system requirements, choose a language for downloading, and then start downloading the proper files for the right operating system. Good luck! Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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Mac Patcher: Trial reset is not ready yet. For windows users there is already a crack. Fist of all download version, you can google for it or you can use this Adobe Photoshop direct links. Then all you have to do, to extend your trial period, is change number in TrialKey element in application. Delete hidden files that look like this. Now when you relaunch Photoshop you will be prompted to login and you should see fresh 7 days of trial.

Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. It is available as a free download for people who are already licensed owners and need to reinstall.

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Thank you after reading your video images content. Why not ask uncle Google? After 10 seconds you can find this: Adobe did this almost 2 years ago, allowing you to download CS2. I think you only had to registrar. Maybe they just thought it was time to change. Hugely disappointed with the article. The links are redirects.

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MIX is not available for Android. CS2 is gone It's complex, you can download and use it, however this is provided for users who already purchased it.

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Same for apple!!! I have CS2 on 8. Windows has amazing backwards compatibility, you can still run some software made back in Unfortunately, not all of the software will run optimally and so you're going to bump into some issues. As long as you know how to get past them, it should work fine.

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As a sidenote, though, the adobe acrobat version from back then can't install anymore. Apparently this is due to a "compatibility" patch that Microsoft made which makes very little sense. If anyone can figure out a way around that other than uninstall the update please let me know. Who writes this crap? There is NO freeware in the links above.

Free Photoshop on Mac OS X? Photoshop Trial Reset!

I see this again and again Writers just write things, don't fact check, and don't follow up. Is this just a ploy to get people to come too your site? It was hugely disappointing after reading that I could get CS2 for free only to find out that the readers here know more than the author and there is no free PS CS2. Was the article written months in advance and hence the author didn't know it was a mistake? Don't editors find this type of issues before publishing? Adobe or someone have change there links. Over the past few days the page where I was downloading all the programs from is now being diverted and I no longer able to go back to the same page and complete the downloading.

Sigh yeah, it seems like Adobe shut that link down: