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Plex Disc BD-R. Primeon BD-R. Recent DVD Hacks. One click of a button allows sharing videos to both Facebook and YouTube even continuing in the capture software. Availability to Tweet live or Post on Facebook during a live streaming of gameplay comes with installing the Service Pack 2. The only necessity to make this complete is the HDMI cable to be supplied by the user. Taking advantage and getting the best usage of your Roxio Game Capture system by pairing it up to your actual gaming system.

Those are an outside purchase and necessary for complete connection. Setup guides are available to download for each specific system being used. Insert a HDMI cable into the correct port on the console. Completing the connection with the other end into USB2. Start by powering down the PS3 console.

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The opposite ends will go into the proper ports on the side or back of your tv. Same concept and steps if the use of RCA Audio cables are required. Taking the opposite end into the USB2. Allowing gamers to highlight and edit a live streaming game while recording to enhance the look and feel to the specific user. The PC powers the unit as well as records at the same time.

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The device itself has no harddrive for saving video files. Or a laptop. To use, It must be plugged into the console, the television, and a computer. The computer powers the device via USB. You don't have to record to use it tho. You can just plug it into the computer and play without recording. If the usb is unplugged from the computer, it will not display anything.

I own a couple of different capture cards and if the PC is a Dell or an HP I could not recommend this card as the diagnostics and other software will cause conflicts. Also if the PC is using Displaylink to support a USB docking station for multiple monitors there might be compatibility issues. If you decide to purchase this go to the website and dbl check for the latest support so you know exactly what to expect. But I can tell you that this is not the right capture card that you should get. Take if from me that I have this already.

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It's sucks. There are many problems with this capture card. If it is Windows 10 supported regardless don't get this plz. You will waste your money. And deal with problems in the future if you get this. If you want to capture gameplay. Then this is the "One" for you.

I hope you don't make the same mistake that I have done.

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Good Luck. If it does not play over your TV speakers for instance, if you have a headset party chat plays over the headset instead of the TV , it will not be picked up by the device. The capture care has hook ups for av component cables or hdmi. If your "wii U" has an hdmi or av hook up on it then I don't see why it couldn't work. If you registered your product with Roxio, you can ask them to email it to you if you lost the cd.

I use component and HDMI cables to hook it up. PS4 can also stream directly to www. Although the Roxio device is great for recording, saving and uploading your videos. You have to turn off hdcp protection in the ps4 first though. It is in your settings menu. Just have to set up settings in PS4 menu. It's designed to record from the newer game systems. As long as you hit record, it will record until you hit stop.

I know there's a lot of cheaper ones on Amazon but I do not know if there any good.