Mac install fonts command line

I am already using mac on other hardware. Everything is on experimental basis. Kothari Oct 17 '09 at In my experience, taking fonts from another OS needs to be checked by Font Book.

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Other OSes will use fonts without checking, and you'll be likely to find issues with the fonts. Use fonts that are flagged with errors with caution.

How to Install SF Mono Font in Mac OS

I've not ever had Font Book find a problem in a font. I guess it depends where you get them from. Mine are usually only high quality purchased fonts. Benjamin Schollnick Benjamin Schollnick 4, 12 Rich Bradshaw Rich Bradshaw 4, 3 25 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Is there also a way to install fonts from the terminal, using some smart shell command? RocketNuts RocketNuts 1 6 You could also make Automator Service: This way you could select fonts in Finder and either find the correct Service from the right click context menu or use a hotkey you've given the Service at: Of course if you really want to do it via Terminal, that's another thing.

Dan Dan 2, 1 15 Awesome, I even noticed the font shows up in 3rd party software e. RocketNuts it should, because this is pretty much identical to what FontBook does. This answer does not use the terminal, I've provided an answer below that installs fonts in one line with the terminal.

If you want the fonts to be usable by all users

The link to the repo is broken. It's quite a common misunderstanding. You could copy the fonts using cp myfont. Livingstone Livingstone 6 But it seems like OS X does more than just copying them to that folder when you double click the font and then click "Install"?

How to install many font files quickly and easily? - Ask Ubuntu

As far as i know some fonts needs to get confirmed manually if you want to install them. And open manually you are able to sort them into different groups.

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Copying into the Fonts folder worked fine for using fonts programmatically with python. I added an answer below for installing fonts from a github repo in one line.

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