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You might be experiencing a really not HD gameplay you can change your resolution to your desired amount to make it a little more HD. Also, I would recommend putting 'Textures' on medium or higher, you'll be able to see enemy's better. Comment Post Cancel. SuperProR commented. So if you're running El Capitan and you add those codes it can run it? Mine just crashes when launched. CadenSteckerYT commented.

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I play on a Mac mini and every time I relaunch fortnite it loads for seven minutes the first round will this help? Originally posted by Maksjang View Post. Jet commented. Will a Mac desktop computer run fortnite? I tried and it said busy Hi, I have a iMac from middle of and ten and says says requirements are two cores and when i do the trouble shooting it says I'm running 4 but doesn't let me start it. And when i attempt to start up the game is says i need a metal compatible graphics card.

I have the same problem with my mac but I have hd intel so maybe that's the problem because I think hd intel is needed. It says that I don't have the right update. I tried updating the computer, but it says the same thing.

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OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

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Can Fortnite run on my mac?

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Fortnite wont run on OS X El Capitan - Forums

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Gaming on MacBook 2009 with OS X 10.11 El Capitan

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