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Hutch and stainless top are for the MB Tech series. Hutch has no scrapes and in mint condition and also includes a 6 port power bar mounted in the peg board inside. The stainless top has several scrapes as it is used as a work top, no nothing beyond what is expected for wear. Cover was custom made by canvas mart in town.

Has 2 full length zippers on the front to allow full access into hutch and lower Mac tool box. Excellent shape obo Call For sale is a great mechanics toolbox and service cart with all tools included. The service cart is a Mastercraft. Tool Box. Selling my Mac box. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please Contact. Selling MAC Box triple bank. Decent shape side locker has some paint chips. Mac tech series tool box. Selling my used mac tool box 50L 25D 41T tool dealer will give me for it as is so will take firm no wiggle room at all.

Hope this long winded rant is of some help! I love my stainless cabinet from CostCo. I wouldn't hesitate to use it all day every day as a technician. It rolls great ball bearings , has a good amount of space came with liners , and costs a whole lot less than a big name brand. Take the money you save and invest in tools. I don't think all your tools need to be name brand either; just the important ones.

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20V MAX 1/2" Drive BL-Spec High-Torque Brushless Impact Wrench Kit | Mac Tools

You can get Craftsman, Kobalt, and Husky for a lot cheaper and they all have simple exchange warranties. Be smart about this. You aren't going to make a fortune as a tech and the difference between a Husky boxed end wrench and a SnapOn is not worth the difference in price. For specialty tools, I would stick with name brand. If you are die hard about getting name brand for everything, at least shop around for used sets.

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Being able to find the tools you need quickly will make you as much money as the tools that are inside the box. I must be the exception as I prefer to have my toolbox in one spot and not take it to the jobs but, my current shop is so poorly laid out it's a horrible liability. As a result, I don't need the workbench on top of my roller cabinet. About a year ago, I finally found a good used 51" wide Mac roller cabinet. If I were in the market for a toolbox, I'd buy the biggest one I could possibly afford.

I know I'm gonna need more tools down the road and the tools are generally less expensive than the box, or at least, I can onesy-twosy them, but the box, that's a major investment I don't want to have to go through very often. There have been a couple post I've read stating that they suck big time held together with screws and detents not working but others that have said they're great as well I think I've got it narrowed down to a snap on KRA and Mac MB Build you own Writeup and plans here. You currently have 0 posts. Matco boxes are made by Waterloo, just like craftsman.

Granted, I havent used the "magnum" boxes from waterloo, but thier lower end boxes arnt anything to write home about. The Traxx series I use almost daily can be a pita, mainly because of the draw pulls. On the full width drawers, you have to pull directly in the center otherwise the drawer will not unlock right. They take the abuse, but indent drawers as opposed to "grip latch" drawers are the way to go, IMHO.

Armstrong is another Danaher company just like Matco and Craftsman but thier boxes are likely to be a much higher quality. Out of all the boxes Ive mentioned, armstrong are the only ones I havent had experience with, but based on all thier other products, you probably cant go wrong.

Have you looked on Ebay? I was at NAPA and noticed this line of tool boxes. Looks like a cool tool storage area for rachets, sockets and wrenchs. They are pricey, but if you move your tools around i. The statement at the beginning of the intro says it all. Since you get half off you would be a fool not to buy a brand new box for less than someones used box.

Forget Ebay and the likes As to which one to buy, well do not buy a Mac box. The quality sucks, warrantys are only good if you have a dealer, and they are few and far between. I have never seen a Mac dealer stick around for even a year. The company at some point will probably go bankrupt since Matco is carrying them and Danaher will not let that happen forever. Their tool boxes tweak real easy so if the floor is uneven you will have trouble opening the draws. They are held together with a few screws and some weak tack welds.

If you could get Matco's better boxes that would be the way to go. Sounds like they are only offering their bottom line from what you say, so again the quality sucks. Not sure on the warranty, if it is a lifetime or not Snap-ons lower end sucks, compared to a KRL, but then again I am spoiled. The KRA is not a super high quality box but has something going for it Buy the box in that brand therefore when you go to trade it in, the box trade in is the same brand.

Makes a difference to how much trade in you get from the dealer, as a dealer does not want to resell his competitors box. Nothing wrong with having two tool boxes. When it came time for me to get another roll around box, I choose to have two tool boxes as said above for mobility throughout the shop. My one box stayed in a nook off to the side of the shop and my main box travel from bay to bay. My box is bigger than what you are looking at but not by much.

All I can say is buy as many freakin' tools as you can when in school as you will never be able to get that kind of a deal again. I can get a deal on matco's top line box, but only the MB i think - either way it's the lowest quality box of their top line. But since I've never seen one I was hesitant of that as well. And yes, I'm buying tons of tools I have seen two types of stainless steel boxes at Sam's Club. One was pictured earlier in this thread, and another one that was about " wide by about the same high which included a strut supported lid that resembled a grill lid.

I would be interested in something that is around " wide, but taller, closer to 72" or there abouts. I also have a couple Craftsman boxes under by bench. Last edited by DeadSock; at Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Take precautions to eliminate personal injury and costly damage. Damaged or worn tools must be discarded and replaced for your own safety. Important proper tool use and personal safety information is contained throughout this catalog. Since its founding in , Mac Tools has led the industry in quality products and services for the professional technician.

Our tool cabinets are the standard by which all others are judged.


Because we pay meticulous attention to your needs, we pace the industry with a complete line of the highest quality tool chests and mobile workstations engineered for technicians around the globe, at all levels in every shop situation. You expect a product that can withstand many years of tough use and daily wear and tear.

Tool box engineering and manufacturing are perfect examples. The end result is a tool cabinet that is better designed, stronger, longer-lasting and of higher quality than any other available. You take pride in your profession and the tools in which you invest. Our tool box manufacturing teams are proud of their work and their contributions to your success.

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The tools you use are your lifeline to success. Why not protect them with the best? Your career as an automotive technician… The tools you use every day… Both are something to be proud of. The series includes our most popular tool box, the Tech family, along with our MB boxes. The Select Series storage systems offer professionals options that meet a range of needs.

Choose from our MB or MB box offerings all of which are the perfect solution for entry-level technicians or for home use. Additional Features: Perfect for storing service manuals or large. With ball bearing track slides. MBA MB MB MB Workbench drawers: Magnet in hex helps hold in bits. Aluminum knurled outer ring for sure grip. Low-profile switch Combines the advantage of a T-Handle and a reversible ratchet. Strip-proof indexing mechanism. Quick release button locks socket in place and provides quick release when job is completed. Indexable to 11 positions Knurled palm control.

Full polish. Contour ergonomic design high polish nickel chrome grip for easy clean-up and protection. Reversible ratchet. Chrome sockets and attachments should only be used with hand operated handles. Metric deep sockets: SAE deep sockets: SAE standard sockets: Metric standard sockets: Extra-thin ratchet head. Full polish chrome Knurled grip. Full polish chrome Bi-material grip. Full polish chrome Great for spark plug access. Low-profile switch Bi-material grip.

Knurled grip. Knurled full polish chrome Knurled grip. Slim head design. Quick release feature. Full polish chrome Compact design. Contour full polish chrome Contour grip. Ergonomic design handle. Eleven positions. Full polish chrome Indexing mechanism. Full polish chrome. Ergonomic design grip. Full polish chrome Knurled handle. Full polish chrome Bi-material. Extended length Knurled handle. Metric Spline sockets: Hex 10mm drive bits: SAE Spline sockets: Bit drivers: Square drive adapters: SX14T PC. At 3"-4" longer reach than traditional combination wrenches. Prevents wrench from slipping at higher torque levels.

V-notch for quick positioning and four-sided bolt contact. Reduced open-end outside diameter provides more clearance. Both ends are the same size. Tappett-style wrenches are great for use with jam nuts. With a head thickness of. Crowned handle edges for more comfortable grip. Countersink box end for easy fastener engagement. Thin open end also provides easy access.

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Instant grip. We do not offer franchises in jurisdictions where we are not registered or exempt from registration. Certain jurisdictions require registration prior to the offer or sale of a franchise. With general use. Use of torque wrenches to break loose tightened fasteners may cause loss of calibration. PKN 2-PC. Not for use on steel. SP 3-PC. SP 2-PC. PS56A 5-PC. PS58A 5-PC. PK4Q 4-PC. SR 4-PC. Crimp AWG non-insulated terminals. Nests may not be suitable for certain contacts due to the wide range of material thicknesses.

Prevents roll away Textured thumb rest positions hand for optimal torque Features a textured surface for extra control In. PH0 x 2. Large Handle 6" Round File. Handle 8" Half Round. Handle 12" Round File. Handle 8" Round File. Handle 8" Mill File. Handle Bastard File. Large Handle 6" Mill File. Handle 10" Round File. Handle 12" Mill File. Black 8" Half Round Bastard File. Black 8" Square Bastard File. Black 8" Round Bastard File. Corrosion resistant. Hardened and tempered the entire length for maximum durability.

Shaft goes through handle for prying power. Capped end in direct contact with shaft. Serrated Sheepsfoot Blade. Standard Scale. Metric Scale. Wire Cutters. Medium and Large Screwdriver. Bottle and Can Opener. Some knives not for sale or use in Canada. Use the right size and type of cutting tool for the job. Wear safety goggles when using cutting tools. Always wear gloves to protect hands against sharp edges.

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Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Choose your color. HAND TOOLS Handle is reinforced with solid steel shaft for greater strength and safety Top welded handle-to-head assembly adds extra durability and safety Threaded wraparound pattern gives secure grip Flanged butt for added safety.

CH50DS 28 oz. CH21DS 21 oz.

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CBH16 16 oz. CH58DS 56 oz. CBH24 24 oz. Hundreds of steel shot combine to provide maximum. CH54DS 48 oz. CH90 CBH32 32 oz. CBH4OL 40 oz. BH32AV 32 oz. BH12AV 12 oz. BH16AV 16 oz. BH08AV 8 oz. BH48AV 48 oz. BH24AV 24 oz. BH40AV 40 oz. V24T 19mm. Always use safety goggles to protect your eyes. Pitch Gauge. Die Stocks. Always use safety goggles when using threading tools. TAP TR25S 5-PC.

Normal Reach Sav-A-Thread. Short Reach Sav-A-Thread. Combination 6 mm Wrench. Combination 8 mm Wrench. Combination 16 mm Wrench. Combination 11 mm Wrench. Combination 10 mm Wrench. Combination 22 mm Wrench. Combination 20 mm Wrench. Combination 19 mm Wrench. Combination 21 mm Wrench. Combination 15 mm Wrench. Combination 17 mm Wrench.