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The key is knowing what needs to be moved and how to connect the two machines.


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One instance of Migration Assistant failing is when a user account is corrupt or not recognized as valid on the disk from the old system. Another instance happens when you may be migrating from a newer to an older Mac OS X version — say a downgrade from Snow Leopard to Leopard or even Tiger.

Apple typically intends the migration process to be from older to newer systems, not the reverse, but sometimes specific needs mean going back a version for stability or compatibility. Or, you may just prefer a more fine-tuned control over what does and does not get transferred than what Migration Assistant provides. This procedure requires strong Intermediate to Advanced Mac User skills.

There are several steps you will want to take on the old Mac before you begin. Deauthorize any activated tethered software that you have installed e. Reboot the old Mac and hold down the T key at startup. You can also use File Sharing over the local network to connect the two machines; turn on File Sharing on the old Mac, access it via ethernet or WiFi on the new Mac, then mount the entire hard disk rather than just the home folder on the desktop as a remote server.

If the system once ran Mac OS 9 or earlier some data may exist in a top level Documents folder or other custom directories. Moving the user data may take a considerable amount of time, especially if there are lots of pictures, music or movie files involved. If not everything is required some pruning here can definitely speed up the process. Whatever Apple software programs are on the destination machine are the best to start with; just move the non-Apple software, then use Software Update to patch your system as needed.

How To Perform a Manual Mac System Migration [MacRx]

Is there any way I can restart the migration to the same account as when I try to start the process again Migration Assisstant wants me to create a new account. I found that out when attempting to migrate from I am using Migration assistant I started last night at 7: I have Wi-Fi speed 5 Mbps. How long will it take to download at that speed. I did the migration from old mac to new. Now the new Mac is on a perpetual loop during bootup. Apple logo and status bar come up, then the circle. But it will bootup again and again.

Migration; PC to Mac

I went into recovery and did First Aid. Went into single user mode and ran fsck. Please advise! Sounds like a graphic Card Failure. I had the same issue on a Macbook Pro. Continuous reboot. Had a 3rd party shop replace the graphic card.

I ve migrated the content from one Mac to the other succesfully. But in my new mac now i have two different accounts: Is there a way to consolidate both accounts? This is not directly related to moving files from one Mac to another. Is there any software available for a reasonable price that allows the user to review old files with an eye to discarding or keeping them?

I am attempting to transfer data using the external hard drive time machine. I have plugged it in since 9: Would you be able to tell me if that is normal and also if possible give an estimate as to how long it can take up to? Thank you so much for your question! This will all depend on how much data is being transferred and how it is connected to your computer.

I tried to transfer my documents word, ppt and excel files from an old iMac to a new iMac. Many of the files are greyed out and inaccessible. What can I do to recover these files? Thanks for any help you can provide. If so, will all the associated Mail folders on my computer come with it? I am trying to migrate my macbook pro to my new imac.

I even set up a separate admin to fix my problem to no avail. Problem is during migration the screen to replace my user account I already started on my new Mac, I cannot because that option is grayed out. Is there a preference file or any other fil I can move? I know how too but will this method corrupt something, because i have iCloud photo library?

Thank you! FYI I just used migration assistant to copy all my stuff off my mac going in for repairs to the screen to a temporary mac. It did NOT copy everything. I requested everything to be imported to the temporary mac from my complete time machine backup off the original mac and some things were copied and others not. Very weird — even some email accounts and mailboxes and others missed. Some parts of the directory hierarchy copied and some missed and no errors reported!! Anyone else seen this? OSX on both macs is Why is the player in iTunes so awkward to use?

Navigating within the song in particular. Also the buttons are hard to grab. They have had quite a while to work this out, and I keep hoping with every update it will be easier to use.

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In the Finder menu bar. Thanks so much for this article. I appreciate your help.

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I disagree with your approach. With most machines coming with 2 TB of disk space, what is 1 GB of useless files going to do. I was tired asking for people on how to setup a new Mac. Here is where I got all my questions answered. The best facilitator I ever met. Thanks for the tips, helpful.

Three Tips on Migrating to a New Mac

So when copying the keychain folder one has to rename the files there. After copy everything on your external drive how do you get it back on the new mac? Whats the other half of the process. While pop-up email forms can be annoying to some, they are a standard form to build email and blog subscriptions. We will never sell or use your email without your permission. We also respect all requests to unsubscribe. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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