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Or it must be a coincidence? Mac people, please let me know the changes I broke my computer! I had a cd stuck in mine and tried everything with no luck. Lots of crunchy, jamming noises but nothing would eject. I finally turned the entire laptop upside down and hit eject. It worked! Cd came out perfectly, panick gone! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Eject a Stuck Disk from your Mac DVD Super Drive

I will try the sleep thing next time it happens. I tried rebooting into Windows via BootCamp to solve the problem, but Windows couldn't see the drive either. I suspect this is a hardware problem, or that the Boot Camp driver has the same bug that the OS X driver does. Looks like zahadum might need to go back on the medication. Shutting down, gentle shake, firm words and a bit of aromatherapy would usually fix it.

I always assumed a loose connection in the hardware somewhere. Then just as mysteriously, the problem vanished.

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Hasn't occurred for over a year now. I thought that maybe a system update somewhere along the line had fixed the problem. Has anyone found a fix for this. It just started happening to me -- immediately on the installation of the new firmware update on my Intel mac pro. Actually, it was even worse - neither drive would play a DVD without stuttering, but it seems that deleting every preference I could find that even remotely had anything to do with DVDs seemed to help the playback problem - when the computer can see it at all.

I haven't got a real solution but I have the same problem on my Intel Mini.

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I have noticed that switching to another user account tends to make the offending disk visible. I would love a real solution to this issue if anyone has anything to offer? It wasn't seeing my optical drive, so it saw no need to eject anything from it. It proved far easier than I'd thought. Yes, it seems a bit drastic, but since I'd already spent several hours trying various software fixes that didn't work, this minute, guaranteed-to-work procedure was marvelous. Perhaps a completely different issue, but the story continues The replaced Optiarc failed to read or burn, but the Pioneer worked flawlessly in everything on all media.

I have spoken to Apple and they are again replacing the failed part, but they cannot guarantee the replacement won't be another Optiarc which they KNOW to have problems.

OS F12 key doesn't eject CD! - Apple Community

As a Video Editor, my selection of hardware is based on quality and up-time stability. This was why I shelled out 15, on a MacPro with all the bells and whistles. Seems running Adobe was no different on my Windows machine versus my new experience with the Mac. If I get an Optiarc drive again, I will just go out and buy another Pioneer and be done with Steve's smoke and mirror show I know its late to the game - but this happens often What's always worked for me is to launch Toast, set it to do a Disc Copy - it will recognize the disc in the drive either as a good or bad disc, but in either case it will allow you to click 'eject' in Toast - and the held disc ejects Lost your password?

CD disc still stuck in the MacBook?

Powered by the Parse. Force Eject a Disc on Boot Another trick is the force-eject on boot: This is done by restarting your Mac and holding down the mouse button or trackpad button if you have a laptop as the system boots. Hold it down until the system boots, again the disk should come out.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Worked great. How did I not know this already? Some CDs and DVDs have an uneven edge which can cause enough friction to prevent the disc from ejecting. Take a large paperclip and grasp it with one hand so that about three quarters of an inch, or 18 millimeters, extends beyond your fingers. See below. With the other hand, drag the disc icon on the desktop to the Trash to force the computer to eject the disc.

When you hear the disc attempt to eject, slide the paperclip to the left edge of the slot and then remove the paperclip. You should feel a little resistance from the spring loaded centering lever. Cleaning the edge of the disc in this way will reduce the likelihood of the disc becoming stuck again. This actually worked for me! But this paperclip trick worked great!

How To Force Eject a CD/Disk from a Mac

I Have tried everything thing possible and will have to replace the cd drive. Probably broken Please advise HOW? I have a DVD currently stuck in my Macbook! I have tried every currently published method to remove it. The disk will play and I have no trouble booting the machine. I found by shutting down and leaving my MacPro to cool off for minutes and restarting did the trick.

The issue is with a sub standard disk it can be slightly thinner than the norm. This results in warping. Thus preventing ejection. Hope this helps. I had this problem and nothing worked. So I tried the reboot. System stopped me sayig windows was running in Parallels. I stopped windows and suddenly the disk became available and I ejected it. I had noticed windows media player launched while the disk was inserted and so guess that somehow windows hijacked it. I had a similar problem which none of the above fixes worked on.

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I had a bent drive frame. The front of frame was bent down just enough to prevent the disc from coming out. This required the removal of the drive, bent it back, reinstalled and its worked great ever since. Without the OS loaded, keyboard commands and so on are not accessible. For this I paid four thousand dollars? None of the above tricks worked on mu iMac with OS Lion. But the key is F Nothing worked.

Was on the point of giving up and going to the Apple store when I decided to try once more and reboot but this time I had the brainwave of holding the thing UPSIDE down. Having wasted about an hour trying everything else I was relieved to eventually succeed. Hope this helps where everything else may fail. If nothing works try this: Take two credit cards. First put one of the into the slut while tilting outer end upward. This helps you tilt the inner edge downward.

Then slide in maybe quarter or half of it. Take second card and do above actions inverse. The idea is to get the stuck disc by means of two cards used as if a tweezers. Last but not the least while pressing the credit cards pull out the DVD. It would come out very easily. I have tried everything above the took out two Dvds out of my superdrive.

The second one forced into while the first one still in there most probably by my lovely daughter. Thank you sooooooo much for posting. Many thanks! Two CDs were stuck in there. I have an IMAC. I tried restarting and it tried to access the disc looking to boot from drive I think in any event, the computer would not reboot so did not have a chance to use some of the methods described in this thread. I stuck a paperclip in the slot kept the disc from spinning when I rebooted. The disc was ejected! I had this problem and none of the steps shown fixed it until I realized that the iMac super drive was also mounted inside a virtual machine running on parallels desktop.

After unmounting the drive in the virtual host, the drive became visible and ejectable in finder! How do I find if my iMac superdrive is also mounted inside a virtual machine? I have a partition using Bootcamp for Windows XP, if that has any bearing. How do I unmount the drive from the virtual host? Great guidance. My CD has been in for over a week, thanks so much: So I reboot. Now I cant seem to eject the dvd. This has happened to me just today. The Terminal option worked great the first time. Thank you! To force eject a disc on an iMac, turn off computer and as computer is restarting hold down left mouse button.

Do not go to re start in menu. Use button on iMac and hold it down for 10 seconds. Better still turn it off at the wall. If you just restart you may experience problems like losing your date and time and wireless info. Hope this helps someone. So relieved. Disc reloads and plays. On my older iMac, I could take off the back, and gently nudge the disc out, but this model seems to be seamless. Late MacBook Pro. Had tried several options except for Disc Utility, which was the next. Also, I have an external drive AND a pen drive connected, and neither was affected.

The CD kept ejecting, but only a tiny bit, then sucking back in again. None of these suggestions worked. The disk did not come far enough out of the slot to grab with tweezers.