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How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive in Disk Utility

Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. In macOS Mojave, you can choose to encrypt and decrypt disks on the fly right from the desktop. Using this convenient Finder option, we're going to show you how to encrypt a USB flash drive or "thumb drive" , which is useful if you're traveling light and want to take sensitive data with you for use on another Mac. Note that the following method is only compatible with Macs — you won't be able to access data on the encrypted drive using a Windows machine.

If this is a requirement, you'll need to use a third-party encryption solution like VeraCrypt. With that in mind, here's how to securely encrypt your USB flash drive. To resolve this, you'll need to erase and encrypt the USB drive in Disk Utility — before that though, copy any data on the drive to another location for temporary safekeeping. When you select Encrypt , Finder will prompt you to create a password, which you'll need to enter the next time you attach the USB flash drive to a Mac.

Don't forget this, otherwise you'll lose access to any data stored on the USB drive! Once you've chosen a password, verify it, add a meaningful hint if desired, and click Encrypt Disk. The encryption process depends on how much data you have on the USB flash drive, but you'll know it's completed when its disk icon disappears and re-mounts. You'll now be able to access the contents of the USB flash drive as usual, but if you physically detach it and re-attach it to your Mac you'll be prompted to enter the password. Note that the prompt includes an option for macOS to remember this password in my keychain.

Encrypt Your Flash Drive to Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Check the box, and whenever you attach the USB stick to your Mac again you won't be prompted to enter the password and you'll have automatic access to it, just like any other drive. If you ever want to decrypt the USB flash drive in future, right-click or Ctrl-click its disk icon, select Decrypt "[USB stick name]" from the contextual menu, and enter the password to turn off encryption protection.

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Heck, some of the text is grey on black; how in the world could that ever be seen as anything close to desirable for tutorials for the masses? Exactly why I came to comment. In a dark environment, with dark surroundings, I believe dark mode is awesome. In a bright context mac rumors home page for example , its just terrible. MR editors take note!! Go to the extracted Folder and find the private-public. Hit Next and process will start in few seconds, it also depends on your data and PC performance, usually it takes 1 minute per 1 GB transfer.

How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive in macOS Mojave

Here, you just need to put your created password in the fields. Put all the sensitive data in it and it will automatically save into encrypted folder inside Flash Drive. In order to retrieve that you need to go to your USB storage and again run the private-public. Once you provide the password, that will drive show again and you can check your data inside.

Finally, the encryption of your folder or drive is complete. Here is the Video Tutorial if you want. When we think about encryption, it always seems beneficial which is mostly true. However, in encrypting a flash drive, there are some issues to which a user is still prone. The password could be the greatest issue as the whole encryption process depends on keeping a strong password.

How To Encrypt A Flash Drive MAC | Windows | Linux | Ubuntu – 2018

Call us Custom USB Drives. Blog archive. Popular blog tags. Hardware vs. Software Encryption for your USB Drive You can easily buy USB drives with encryption hardware; these drives utilize a chip that offers automatic and invisible encryption. Kingston DataTraveler Locker - Image by CDW In the end, both options offer security without reducing functionality of your drive but it becomes a matter of what works best for you and your needs.

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Steps There are many ways to encrypt a flash drive yourself but they all essentially boil down to the same steps: To encrypt using BitLocker: It may take some time to encrypt. You will get a message stating encryption is finished When you connect your flash drive again, you will be prompted to enter the password you chose. To encrypt using VeraCrypt: MAC Like PC, Mac generally includes encryption software in their desktops already so you will not have to download another software program. You can also set a password hint. Keep copy of password safe elsewhere Copy files to drive and put them on the DMG disk image file.

They will not be password protected if they are not in that file. Linux Like Mac and Windows, Linux uses third party tools that are often already available on your computer.

Connect your flash drive and copy your data elsewhere. Your drive should be completely wiped.