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Accepted Solutions. If you want to do it in the CLI, then your commands will be note that this MAC address is only a sample, pick your own: Good luck! Reply 1 Kudo. All Replies. I'm not sure if you can configure interface MAC address Swap interfaces in your config.

How to configur router linksys , How to allow user by filter mac address

Each has its own MAC address. You would have to reconfigure your router. As has been previously pointed out to you, the TG or any of the other branded Xfinity Wireless gateway models does not support such a feature. These gateways are all running the same firmware load provided by Comcast and that firmware does NOT have this feature.

Live with your MAC address as is and suffer whatever banning or problems you claim this causes.

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Have the gateway support folks at and have them place the gateway in bridge mode and get your own router that does support this feature like most of them. Now you control the MAC address on your public interface. Why of course it is!

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The masses whom you appear derisive of, is where Comcast makes their money! For most Comcast customers too many user-choices lead to bad results. Further, as has often been discussed in these forums, wireless gateways have never been known for their wide range of user functions - their very existance is based on ease of use exchanged for reduced functionality. For those who want finer control over their home network, a separate, stand alone router has always been the solution.

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Aside of the fact that sometimes Comcast's firmware does leave something to be desired, their desire to keep it simple is by no means inappropriate given their clientele. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Clone a MAC Address for the RV016, RV042, RV042G and RV082 VPN Routers

Did you mean: Sign In. The reply is currently minimized Show. Wednesday, July 25 , Marcel van Leeuwen wrote: Out of intrest why do you want to changes the MAC address? In my case I get better routing and speeds with the ip my Dlink pulls with it's mac address.


Any other mac address gets me internet performance issues. If I run pfSense I am able to change my mac easily from within the web admin and get the preferred ip that performs better. Of course I realize this is an isp problem but it is easier to change the mac and be done with it than mess about on the phone with "support". Tuesday, July 17 , Thanks for the tutorial.

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I also expected the feature built in and wonder why it is not there. I suppose it is seen as hackers tool but it has many above board uses too. Monday, July 09 , Ok for anybody wanting to do it, here's how: