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Louie even if that is possible you then need a Windows based web server to run the code from. Leave a comment on louie's reply. You don't need a windows based server because the code is executing on the clients machine via javascript. The client needs to be using windows, the MAC code can be sent back to any server via ajax. Louie, I stand corrected, this code below does run: NET 7.

ConnectServer ".

Getting Mac Address of user from browser

The MAC address should be considered sensitive security-related information. I would hope that no browser would provide a means of retrieving it. The only appropriate use of this would be within a company, say, for configuration inventory. But the utility of having a web interface to this would be dubious in that scenario, as there are better ways of collecting this information in that environment than by enabling a very dangerous plugin in the browser.

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Yes, I can add mac script or you can also do yourself if you can here is module for it: Hi aalfareed! Greetings for the day! I have read your post and glad to update you that we can be the right choice for your requirement. Are you available right now for discussion?

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We can retrieve the MAC Address of the user. I have worked on these issues.

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I can provide you the solution in a day. IPAddress 0! I have developped a website, containing a poll control using ASP. When a user votes, a cookie is being written to his machine, so he cannot vote again unless he deletes the cookie , so the method I am using is not reliable, because any user can delete the cookie and vote again. Then I tried to retrieve the client mac address, but this is not possible as I know , unless I use an activeX, but this contains a little issue, the activeX will not run unless the site is in the trusted sites, and this method works only on windows OS since it uses the WMI since it's a Microsoft component.

Here is my question: If no: ToString ; MessageBox. Is there any other unique variable or number on client PC that i can get? RE - Web Star replied to vipul jain on Sep Advanced JavaScript with Internet Explorer: