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Why do Windows PCs have such terrible battery life compared to Mac and iOS?

No, you do not need to cancel and reschedule your meetings that were scheduled in Lync for Mac. Your meeting invitations will still work. The phone numbers will remain the same for Skype for Business on Mac. When users join the meeting, they will join on whichever client Lync or Skype for Business is installed on their system.

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If a user does not have either product, they will be prompted to install the Skype for Business Web App. Add and remove contacts feature is supported for users on Office and Skype for Business Server It is not supported for Lync Server If server-side conversation history is turned off in your organization, by default, the Skype for Business on Mac client will auto-accept incoming messages if the message arrives within 5 minutes of the Mac client being active. This helps ensure the sender does not get the following error: Create a configuration profile with the appropriate key and value and install it on a managed Mac.

What features have changed in Skype for Business on Mac?

Creating and installing configuration profiles is out of the scope of these steps; see Configuration Profile Reference. Number Value: The timeout value in seconds.

Change the key using defaults: This is what you can do if Windows cannot find javaw. Matthew Adams. Madeleine Dean. What can I do if my laptop mousepad is not working? Elsie Otachi. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Apple only supports macOS on a small list of devices that they alone create. This tends to make the Windows experience less consistent.

How to Make Windows 10 look like mac - using theme

I know many people happily running old Apple machines on the latest version of macOS. For example, Lenovo never released an updated Windows 10 compatible video driver for my 3 year old Yoga 2 Pro.

There’s never been a better time to switch from a Mac to Windows

Windows laptop manufacturers often produce a device and then ignore ongoing driver upgrades and bug fixes. This means I have the same powerful experience when docked as on the go. Thunderbolt supports daisy chaining displays. The new MacBook Pro boasts a compelling story: Dual 4K displays via a single cable.

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And the monitor provides power to your machine via the same USB-C cable. When you factor in resale value, Apple hardware may be cheaper to own.

Macs tend to hold their value better than Windows PCs.