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I do not know if you resolved this I was able to solve it deleting the preferences on mac.

Trapcode error, multiple computers with same serial

Also went to the shared folder and deleted the trapcode folder When I tried to install trapcode it showed like a trial and I was able to put our second serial I hope this helps. Where is this "Shared Folder" you speak of? I'm trying to re-register my Red Giant products with a new licence, but every time I try to reinstall, the old serials are already there and submitting the new serial does nothing. Tried following your instructions but I cannot seem to locate this shared folder. Resurrecting this thread since it doesn't quite have a solution and I've found one for Windows, at least.

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In order to completely remove all traces of old licenses, you must uninstall the suite, then find and delete all the ". The ". In Windows, you should find the files to delete in the following folder: Simply delete the ".

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For good measure, you can safely delete both the "RedGiant" and "Red Giant" folders located in the "ProgramData" folder before re-installing, though I doubt it's necessary. My solution was to firewall block the. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Like Comment.

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